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[ Indistinct whispering ]
-"Whisper Challenge."
-All right. There you go. Now, here's how the game works.
You can play with us at home.
Don't play it now, but you can play it on the weekend.
One person puts on these headphones --
soundproof headphones -- with loud, loud music playing.
Okay? The other person picks up a card.
Okay? And I will read a random phrase,
or you read the random phrase on the card.
The person wearing the headphones
has to try and guess what they just said.
This is fun. -It's fun, yeah!
Okay. I'm already going.
-Put on the headphones. You don't play parlor games?
-What?! -No, it's not on your head yet.
-Oh, okay.
-Here we go.
[ Music playing on headphones ]
Okay. Yeah.
He loves playing games. Keanu loves playing games.
Here we go. Ready?
All right, ready?
-Oh, Jesus. What?
-Downward facing dog.
-Shepherd, front, sock.
-[ Laughs ]
Downward. -What?
And I'm saying "What?"
-Downward facing dog.
-Face, shepherd --
German shepherd face?
I don't know even what that is. What's going on over there?
What's going on? -Sorry, sorry.
I'm just going into -- Okay.
Downward. -What?
-Downward. [ Laughs ]
Forget it. All right, all right.
It was downward facing dog is what it was.
All right. Here we go. Let me try. Let me try.
I was trying to do a yoga pose. I was doing a yoga pose.
-That was yoga. -Yes. It was yoga.
Frozen fish sticks.
-Fruity fish sticks.
-He's amazing.
-Ferocian. -Wait, what is it again?
-Frozen fish sticks. -Frokie!
-Frozen. -Frokie fanky.
-Frozen. -Frozen.
-Fish sticks. -Fish stick!
-Yes. [ Bell dinging ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Yes! That was good.
-You're amazing. -Whew!
-I mean, like -- -This is good.
That was good. All right.
Frozen fish sticks. We got that one.
-Oh, my God.
-And it won't be downward facing dog.
[ Music playing on headphones ]
It will be much worse.
Go. Do it. Say it.
-Really bad things are going through my head.
So go ahead.
-Coo, dog, ooh.
-Doodle. -Dog riding goo.
-Cock-a-doodle-doo. -Yes.
[ Bell dinging ]
All right. The last one, last one.
I just read the last one.
No, you know what? Because look, that was the clue.
You just make something up and I'll guess what you're saying.
[ Laughs ]
Okay, what do we want him to say?
Anybody have a suggestion?
-Chuck Spadina!
-Okay, we'll just make it easy.
Okay, you ready?
-Check me out!
-Chuck Spadina!
-Shave the mustache?
-Spadina! Chuck.
-Chuck Spadina!
[ Bell dinging ]
Keanu reeves, everybody!


【ザ・トゥナイト・ショー】The Whisper Challenge with Keanu Reeves

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