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Welcome to How To Cook That, I'm Ann Reardon
and today we are making a guitar cake.

A couple of weeks ago I asked you what your
favourite bands/ artists were - and we have

collated all of those comments, there were
so many, and we'll be counting them down throughout

this video and we'll also add those bands
to the cake later on too.

Let me know in the comments if your favourite
one made the cut.

First thing you'll need to do is print out
the template, you can get that and all the

recipe quantities and sizes on the howtocookthat.net
website, I'll link to that below.

Once you've printed it, cut it out and line
up the 'join here' marks and then just tape

that together.
Now we want to make the frets out of fondant
so they have time to dry out.

I am using a fondant extruder for this, you
could roll them by hand but they are so long

it would be very tricky to get them this perfect.
Once they are on the board use a cutting board
or ruler to something just to straighten them

Now for the strings I am doing the same thing
but using a different disk on the extruder

so you get finer snakes.
Then line those up so they are exactly straight.
As I said, I am making these the day before
I so they can dry out, if you're doing it

on the same day as you're making the cake
you might need to add some tylose powder to

the fondant to make it dry out quicker.
The artist that came in at number 10 according
to your votes was BEYONCE.

On the template you'll see each bands logo,
you'll need to print those with edible ink

on rice paper, there are lots of cake places
online that can print them for you if you

just send them the A4 sheet.
Then cut them out so they look like stickers
that we can add to the guitar.

For the cake you need sugar, flour, margarine,
dark chocolate, baking powder, cocoa powder

and eggs.
Add the cocoa powder to the flour and then
add in the baking powder and whisk those together

this just aerates and it also gets rid of
any lumps, we especially don't want any lumps

of cocoa powder in there.
Add the chocolate to the margarine and melt
them together in the microwave.

Once they're melted just use a whisk to whisk
them together so that the margarine is combined

with the chocolate.
Pour that chocolate mixture into a big bowl
and add in the sugar and the eggs.

And yes, this is a lot of ingredients because
it is a big cake.

Turn it on the whisk, it's no problem to whisk
this by hand if you don't have a mixer, just

use some muscles and mix it together.
Put it on low speed and add in your flour,
cocoa powder and baking powder mixture.

Now at number 9 on the chart you voted for

Even years after the death of lead singer
Freddy Mercury, their epic anthems are still

party favourites from 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
right through to ‘Don’t stop me now’.

Keep whisking that until that is just combined
and you can't see any more flour.

Then tip that into some baking trays.
You want to bake it in three trays, now I
can only bake two at once in my oven, so I'll

bake the third tray once the first two are

This cake is so long that it is not going
to fit in the fridge.

So what I'm going to do is cut a cake board
that fits just the body of the guitar.

That way we can put that end in the fridge
before we cover it in fondant.

For the neck we want to make a mold so that
we can make that bit out of solid chocolate.

Take some core flute board and make an indent
along the edges of the neck, don't cut all

the way through you just want to make an indent

Then leave a wider border and cut out a rectangle
around that.

Then cut out a square from each corner.
At number 8 you voted for SIA the first of
the Aussie artists on the list, I actually

saw her perform recently at a Google event
in New York.

Fold up the edges of your boxes along the
line that you made.

Because the indent is there you will find
it easier to get a nice straight line.

Tape it together at the corners to make a

Now you want to do that same thing for the
head of the guitar, and one more littler box,

I'll put the size of that box on the template.
Melt some chocolate and then temper it, and
I have a video explaining how and why to temper

the chocolate.
If you search for 'Reardon chocolate secrets'
you'll find it.

Once that is done, pour the tempered chocolate
into each mold and then tap it on the bench

to smooth it out on the top.
With the smallest box you need to tilt it
to one side and support it there so that the

chocolate sets on an angle.
Roll out some black fondant and cut out the
shape of the bridge.

Now at number 7 we have PENTATONIX
an a cappella group from Texas.

They won NBC's The Sing Off back in 2011 and
are still going strong on their YouTube channel.

Then we want to cut an extra strip of black
and place it over the top and trim it to the

right size.
Then cut a strip of white for the saddle and
add that into place in the centre.

Then use your template to make indents where
the strings go.

Now for the top of the tuners, find something
that is round I am using a piping coupler

and cut out a circle of black fondant.
When making easy fondant details I always
like to make more than I need so I can choose

the best ones at the end.
Roll a snake of black then cut short strips.
Roll it between your thumb and finger just
to round it out again.

When you cut it with your knife it tends to
get a bit flattened.

Then using a little water add them to the
centre of each of the discs.

For the underneath of the tuning mechanism
cut out a piece of black in the shape shown.

At number 6 you voted for Taylor Swift, it
looks like Tay Tay will never go out of style.

If you're a Swifty make sure you also watch
the Blank Space Heart Cake after this one,

I'll link to it at the end.
Use a piping tip to make an indent at the
top and the bottom and then indent a line

across and another going across that so it
looks like the top of a screw.

Cut another circle of black and squash it
slightly then flatten it on each side giving

it the shape of the tuning pegs.
Now using a little water join the base plate
and the peg together using a snake of fondant.

Take some gold luster dust and brush it all
over the black pieces.

At number 5 you voted for the British Boy

For those of you devoted 1D fans you'll also
love the surprise inside 1D cake and I'll

link to that at the end too.
For between the layers of the cake I am going
to use my basic buttercream recipe flavoured

with some vanilla.
And the recipe for that is on my website.
Once your cakes are cooled and leveled cut
out the guitar shape using your template.

And then add some buttercream to the cake
board so the cake doesn't slip around.

Then slide the first layer of cake on top
of the board.

Cover that in a thin layer of jam and then
a layer of buttercream over the top, trying

to get it as level as you can.
And then add your next layer of cake, now
if you just pull the baking paper around under

the tray it allows the cake to slide off and
you can easily position it where you want

it, so that it's lined up with the other cake.
Add the jam, buttercream and next layer of
cake and then cover that whole thing in buttercream

all the way around the edges, trying to get
it as smooth as possible.

And then if you have any buttercream that
is sticking up just push it in towards the

middle, then you want to put that in the fridge
for about 30 minutes.

Now the chocolate is set you can cut the tape
at the corners and take it out of the container.

AT number 4 you voted for 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER,
another Australian band, they got their start

right here on YouTube.
For the head of the guitar place the template
over the top and shape it a little so that

it is not completely flat.
It kind of curves in at the top there.
Now we want to join the head to the neck and
it's not flat, it goes at an angle.

So check the template to see how it should
sit and trim the chocolate at the join if

you need to.
Take some more chocolate and add it to the
join, push them together and support it while

you wait for it to set.
Just double check your angle is right and
smooth off any excess from the join.

At the other end add the piece of chocolate
from the smaller box.

And add a little curve of chocolate at the

Now measure the height of that piece and cut
a cake pop stick to the same height.

Make a little hole in the neck and using some
chocolate add the cake pop stick into place

for support.
Now you want to position the body of the guitar
on one end of a long cake board, making sure

it's straight.
Then cover that whole thing in white fondant.
And on the edges, just lift and lower, lift
and lower, so that yo can smooth it down all

the way around the edges.
At number 3 comes Panic! at the disco This
band has been through so many changes - on

the latest album everything was written and
recorded by the only remaining member Brendan

Urie - let me know do you like the old stuff
better than the new stuff?

Cut the excess fondant from around the base.
For the parts that are curved I find it easier
to use a spoon instead of a knife because

it's just the right shape.
Now the corners here you can see are rounded
and you want them to be a bit more sharp.

So to do that, put something flat on top and
gently push up with your finger and the palm

of your hand, pinching it upwards.
Do the same towards the side and you can see
already that that's becoming sharper.

A fondant smoother is really helpful when
you're doing this and it takes a bit of time

to go the whole way around so don't try and
rush this, just do it slowly and carefully

until it looks nice and sharp.
Now roll out some more white fondant and add
it to the top of the head of the guitar so

that we can make it match the body in the

Now to turn it into wood look I am using brown
gel colour, a little bit of black, yellow

and orange.
And then I am adding a bit of vodka.
Now we are going to just get the brush and
put that on in long brush strokes from top

to bottom.
Now the alcohol in this is just going to evaporate
off, so there won't be any alcohol left, but

the reason we're using the alcohol is because
it evaporates off it's not going to make your

fondant soggy.
Take some more of your colour and make it
a bit deeper towards the edges so it looks

a little bit better.
Then do the same with the sides, just brushing
on the colour.

At number 2, you voted for BTS.
It seems like the entire world has gone crazy
for K-pop.

There were lots of other K-pop requests too
- special shout-out to Amber from f(x) who

watches howtocookthat!
"I also love HowToCookThat with Ann Reardon"
"Hi Amber"
Now don't forget to add the woodgrain to the
head to the guitar too.

And just keep dragging the brush across until
you are happy with the look.

And while that is still damp add the little
posts on top, just in place.

Using your template mark where the bridge
should go.

And then add that on top.
Put the neck in place and then add a strip
of black fondant over the top.

Run a knife down the edge of the handle to
make it smooth each side.

Now use your template to mark where the sound
chamber is.

Push your cutter down to cut a circle out
of the fondant, take it out and take buttercream

and the fondant out so that we have a layer
that dips down a bit.

Then add a circle of black fondant into that

And then paint the inside edge with brown
food colour so it looks like it's made out

of wood.
Place a slightly larger circle cutter on top
and then add a thin snake of cream fondant

around the cutter nice and tightly there.
Then just lift off the cutter.
Add one more slightly bigger indent just for

Add a strip of white just below the head and
using your template add an indent for where

each of those strings are going to go.
Then mark off where the frets go all the way
down the neck.

And then remove the template and indent them
the whole way across, so the little fondant

bits can just sit nicely there.
Trim the piece that we made at the beginning
to the right length for each of the frets

and add them going down the neck.
Now using some chocolate, add the tuning pegs
into place underneath on the head.

Just hold them for a moment until they set.
And to join them on, I'm just using compound
chocolate because it sets really quickly.

Then very carefully add the strings into place,
now I made extras of these because I was sure

they were going to break but surprisingly
they seem quite stable and I didn't break

any of them and I've got lots of extras now.
Trim the ends off to the length you are happy

And then use scissors to cut them to the right
length at the top as well.

And then I'm just using a tiny bit of chocolate
to hold that in place against the post.

If you want to you can also get some fresh
fondant and wrap it around in a loop around

each post as well.
Add your chromatic tuner to the side, now
I have printed this out on rice paper but

I also want it to be 3D so I'm just going
to add some of the buttons on top made out

of black fondant.
Just indent that in the middle there, add
a little dot of white.

And add a couple of rectangles on the slider
so it looks like it is quite 3D there.

Now before we get to number 1, let's recap.
At number 10 was Beyonce, Queen was number
9, at number 8 we had Sia, then Pentatonix,

followed by Taylor Swift at number 6 … let's
just add her signature here using edible marker.

Then 1 Direction scraped in at 5, followed
by 5 Seconds of Summer at number 4, Panic!

At The Disco made number 3.
Then BTS at number 2.
And then at number 1, the most requested band

So there you have your favourite bands and artists in a cake.
If you didn't notice, this is actually a ukulele like the one Tyler plays, not a guitar.
But if you want it to be a guitar then you can just add some more strings and scale up the size
if you need a massive cake.
Leave a comment because I care what you think.
Subscribe to How To Cook That for more crazy
sweet creations, click here to get the recipe,

here for more cakes including the One Direction
cake and the Taylor Swift heart cake as well

and here for Reardon Bros behind the scenes

Make it a great week and I'll see you on Friday.


REALISTIC GUITAR CAKE How To Cook That Ann Reardon cake

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