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  • The biggest threat to humans is when

  • they try to videotape themselves doing stupid stunts.

  • [LAUGH] That go horribly wrong.

  • And I'm gonna show you what I mean, it's a epic game that involves me,

  • Twitch, and a paddle.

  • It's time to play Epic or Fail.

  • [APPLAUSE] Grab your paddles.

  • Everybody brought their own paddles from home, that's wonderful.

  • [LAUGH] All right.

  • Let's see the first video.

  • Here comes the apprentice across the plank.

  • He's trying to reach the body.

  • Here he goes.

  • Can he do it?

  • I should have held that up, first of all.

  • Tom, you think epic?

  • Really?

  • Twitch and I. I think most of us think, there's a couple

  • hopefuls out there, but I- [LAUGH]

  • Let's see.


  • [SOUND] That's horrible,

  • that's just horrible.

  • All right, let's see the next one.

  • Here he goes.

  • He's gonna send.

  • [LAUGH] Just that,

  • that that's the voice of that guy.

  • I can tell. From [INAUDIBLE].

  • [LAUGH] No,

  • just those two pals are up to no good.


  • [LAUGH]

  • [SOUND]

  • [LAUGH]

  • No, he did send it, he did.

  • [LAUGH] He was right in that.

  • [LAUGH] See the next one.


  • Nope.

  • [LAUGH] Nope.

  • [LAUGH] No.

  • I love that there are like seven people who think that looks like that can be.

  • [LAUGH] That's at ever.

  • Look at that right there.

  • He's already.

  • [LAUGH] That foot is not gonna reach that.

  • [LAUGH] At all.

  • There's no way he's in position to reach that.

  • [LAUGH] All right.

  • [LAUGH] Ooh.

  • [LAUGH] And now the fish are laughing at him.

  • [LAUGH] All right, let's see the next one.

  • [LAUGH] I

  • don't know why kinda feel like this is going to be good.

  • Really?

  • I don't know.

  • [LAUGH] I have to go against most of you.

  • I think something is not going to work out for him.


  • [LAUGH] l wish we would have seen him

  • fall further, though.

  • [LAUGH] All right, let's see the next one.

  • No, no.

  • That don't look sturdy.

  • [LAUGH] I know.

  • It looks like it's not gonna work.

  • But I do think it is, I don't know, I just have, but I think it looks like it's not.

  • [LAUGH]

  • [SOUND]

  • [LAUGH] Why didn't I just

  • go with my gut instinct?

  • I don't. [LAUGH]

  • All right, let's see another one.

  • Well, I don't know, I feel good about him.


  • Wow.

The biggest threat to humans is when


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エピックか失敗か。スプラッシュ (Epic or Fail: Splash!)

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