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welcome to the Mp3 experiment seven
my name is Mark and i'll be your omnipotent voice today
how many others do you think are participating
in your store? scratch your head now
if you see someone else scratching their head
give them a wink
looking around the store, I've noticed some of the
displays are un-tidy, let's try to
take the display and neaten them up as much as possible
and have every product face the same way
good job, now let's find a new product
that you find cute, so cute, in fact
that you would like to slow dance with it
(slow dance music plays)
(laughter) I think that's enough slow dancing
let's exit the store and begin walking on the sidewalk
I saw this awesome thing on Youtube where
a bunch of people froze at the same time
when I say "freeze" we're all gonna freeze
at exactly the position we're in and hold it
until I say to walk again
ready? ...freeze
looks like we've been getting some pretty funny looks
from people not participating
why don't we show them that we're friendly folks
and give them a high-five
high-five sound effect, you may be wondering
where my brother Steve is, Steve is located
at Bryant Park, today is Steve's Birthday
and I decided we're all gonna throw him
a surprise party
we don't want to tip Steve off so stay as
far away from Steve as possible
I'm going to count to three, and together we're all
going to jump from our hiding place and yell -
oh my god!, I can't believe you guys are here
there's so many of you, how many, a ba-gillion?!
this is the best Birthday surprise that an
omnipotent voice could ever ask for
hey, let's get started with some Birthday games
everybody take out a roll of toilet paper
that you should of brought with you
have you ever been to a Mummy Dance Party
the rules are simple, take your toilet paper,
and completely wrap your partner, making them
look like a Mummy,
alright, you guys look great, I've never seen
so many Mummies before, hey Mark,
you up in the DJ booth station? Yes sir.
you got two turn tables and a microphone?
Indeed, well, that's where it's at
(dance music plays)
let's start off by putting your hands in the air
and waving them like you just don't care
how about we try dancing low to the ground,
dance like you're pushing a grocery cart
on the count of three, the Mp3 experiment will
be over, 1...2.....3...


The Mp3 Experiment Seven

5909 タグ追加 保存
VoiceTube 2013 年 7 月 24 日 に公開
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