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  • There's no one here!

  • The cicadas are crying. It's perfect.

  • No one's here.

  • It's already midday.

  • It's midday!

  • Oh, you can't swim.

  • It's very pretty.

  • How is it?

  • The pepper is really good.

  • Can you taste the lemon? Yep.

  • I can taste it. It's good. Isn't it?

  • It's super good. Really delicious.

  • That's what I've been thinking this whole time.

  • It's like a mixture of Hawaii and Okinawa.

  • Beautiful~

  • Yesterday there were rocks on the road and we couldn't get through them.

  • It looks so good.

  • Itadakimasu.

  • Sunfish skin dessert.

  • This is probably the only place in the world you can eat this.

  • Kay, here I go.

  • Isn't it good?

  • It's like Nata de Coco.

  • It's reeeally good. I love the texture.

  • It's like Nata de Coco.

  • Sunfish. SUNFISH. Wow.

  • This restaurant's name is Chi-yu- Cafe (in Japanese)

  • We have a similar kanji like this that means coffee in Japan.

  • These first two kanji mean "Swordfish" (This is a swordfish restaurant)

  • This restaurant's unique specialty is drinking coffee while eating swordfish sashimi.

  • I've never tried the combination of swordfish and sashimi. Itadakimasu.

  • It's good. The sashimi melts on my tongue.

  • Sashimi and coffee... it's my first time, but I could totally go for this.

  • Taiwanese 7/11

  • Interesting.

  • They even have Pocky.

  • Like this stuff.

  • They have Calpis.

  • It's even written in Japanese.

  • It's the same package as Japan, written in Japanese.

  • I can't read.

  • I understand a little.

  • Are you hungry?

  • This place is famous for having good rice. The taste is really similar to high quality Japanese rice.

There's no one here!


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台湾旅行記1日目|台東の食べ物がいっぱい (Taiwan vlog DAY 1 | So much food in Taitung)

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