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  • Dublin stands resolutely on Ireland’s East Coast,


  • at the mouth of the River Liffey.


  • Although it is home to more than a third of the population,

    ダブリンは 多くの人が暮らす大都市

  • Ireland’s dynamic capital city retains a lyrical village magic

    一方で この街には 穏やかで陽気な面もあり

  • and a playfulness few other cities can match.


  • Despite a long and sometimes tragic history of invasion and resistance,

    侵略と抵抗が続いた 歴史がありますが

  • this thriving business capital has


  • poetry, music and literature


  • percolating through its cobblestones.


  • Dublin's ancient streets are compact enough to explore on foot

    古い街並みはコンパクト 徒歩で巡ることができます

  • or by bicycle.


  • The River Liffey separates the city into two neat halves.

    街はリフィー川を中心に 南北に広がります

  • It is criss-crossed with historic bridges,


  • many of which are tributes to Dublin’s finest moments and heroes.

    街の英雄や歴史を 称える橋もあります

  • Dubliner, Oscar Wilde once said

    ここ出身のオスカー ワイルドいわく

  • life is too important to be taken seriously.”


  • While Dublin proudly honours its past,


  • it is equally passionate about enjoying each and every new day.

    新しい毎日を楽しむことにも 精一杯の情熱を注ぎます

  • Nowhere is life celebrated more than in the city’s nearly 700 pubs.

    700 軒ほどのパブがあり 盛り上がりを見せています

  • Nothing matters more to Dubliners than having a good time or,

    ダブリン子にとって 一番重要なのは

  • as locals call it, the craic.


  • Pubs and music are at the very heart of Dublin’s traditions and society.

    パブと音楽こそがダブリンの 伝統と社会の中心です

  • Just south of the river is the Temple Bar area,

    川のすぐ南側が テンプル バー エリア

  • where locals and tourists have been meeting for generations.

    地元民にも観光客にも 昔から人気です

  • This is the place to find art galleries and colorful shops

    ギャラリーやカラフルな店が 並ぶのこの場所は

  • and immerse yourself in the spirited and often improvised traditional folk music.

    活気にあふれ 民族音楽も聞こえてきます

  • Irish emigrants have taken their music all around the world

    アイルランド音楽は今や 世界的に有名ですが

  • but there is nothing like hearing it played live.

    生演奏を聴くなら やはり本場が一番

  • Entertainment is also important a little further south on Grafton Street,

    グラフトン通りを少し南に進むと ショッピング街があり

  • a lively shopping precinct known for its buskers


  • and proud to be a launch pad for many international musical acts.

    ここから世界に飛躍した 俳優もたくさんいます

  • At the other end of the spectrum and a little further to the east

    少し東に行くと アビバ スタジアムがあります

  • is the architecturally spectacular Aviva Stadium.


  • Time your visit to catch an international superstar here.

    運がよければ スターに会えるかもしれません

  • Of course, any local will tell you that music and a pint glass go hand in hand.

    ここでは 音楽とパイント グラスは切っても切れない仲

  • The history of Guinness,


  • one of Ireland’s most famous institutions,


  • is on display at the Guinness Storehouse.

    歴史を知りたければギネス ストアハウスへ

  • Also known asthe Black stuff”,


  • black custardand

    "ブラック カスタード"、

  • Irish champagne,”

    "アイリッシュ シャンパン" とも呼ばれています

  • this world famous tipple is said to have been born in the 18th century

    この有名なビールが 生まれたのは 18 世紀

  • when water from the Liffey became too polluted to safely drink.

    川が汚染されて 飲めなくなったため

  • The brewing process removed the germs and also provided sorely needed nutrition.

    醸造工程で菌を取り除いて 栄養分も付加しました

  • Today the river is cleaner,


  • but Dublinersthirst for Guinness has remained undiminished.

    ダブリンのギネス需要が 衰えることはありません

  • The picturesque Grand Canal was built around this time,

    美しいグランド運河も 同じ頃に造られました

  • connecting Dublin to the west of Ireland,


  • allowing Guinness to be exported marking the beginning

    ギネスを 輸出できるようになりました

  • of one of Dublin’s great success stories.


  • Visit the Old Jameson Distillery,

    オールド ジェムソン蒸溜所では

  • and discover the magic of how three simple ingredients

    ウイスキーの 製造工程を見学

  • are transformed into a smooth whiskey that is enjoyed all over the world.

    3 つの原料からウイスキーが できるのには驚きです

  • But of all the gifts, Dublin has given to the world,

    ダブリンが 世界的に誇るもの

  • perhaps the most intoxicating are its stories.


  • Originally built for the sons of the Irish gentry,

    トリニティ カレッジは

  • the stone buildings of Trinity College are home to some of

    元は貴族のために 建設されました

  • the oldest remaining manuscripts in the world,


  • including the 1000-year-old Book of Kells.


  • This ancient manuscript is only a small part of Dublin’s literary history.

    この福音書はダブリンの 文学史のほんの 1 つです

  • This city is famous for its authors,


  • playwrights and poets and tributes are dotted all over the city.

    作家、脚本家、詩人の像が 街中に建っています

  • Visit the flamboyant statue of Oscar Wilde,

    オスカー ワイルドの像は必見

  • decorated with precious stones that reflect his love of beauty.

    美しい石が 彼の審美眼を表しています

  • Or, pay your respects to James Joyce, one of Dublin’s literary giants.

    ジェイムズ ジョイスも ダブリンが生んだ文豪の 1 人です

  • There are more tributes to the past just a stroll away in St Stephen’s Green

    セント スティーブンズ グリーンにも 像や記念碑があります

  • which holds a special place in the heart of Dubliners.

    ここはダブリン子にとって 特別な場所

  • While today it is an oasis of calm in the centre of the city,

    現在は街の中心の 静かな憩いの場ですが

  • the park has witnessed many turbulent episodes of Irish history.

    過去には 残酷な事件の舞台ともなりました

  • During the 1916 Easter Rising,

    1916 年のイースター蜂起では

  • a pivotal battle took place here which reignited the long and passionate fight

    イギリスから独立するため 戦いが繰り広げられました

  • for Irish independence from English rule.


  • The ghosts of Ireland’s battle for independence also feel very real at the Kilmainham Gaol,

    独立の戦いの跡は キルメイナム刑務所にも残っています

  • in which many of the rebellion leaders were brutally executed.

    反乱の指導者たちが ここで処刑されました

  • Right at the centre of Dublin’s historic heart is Dublin Castle.

    ダブリンの歴史の中心といえば ダブリン城です

  • Originally built on a viking site,


  • it has been a prison, a fortress and a treasury.


  • From within these stone walls,


  • the English administered Irish rule for more than 700 years.

    700 年以上も アイルランドを支配しました

  • Famously, the Irish Crown Jewels were stolen from the castle in 1907

    この城は 1907 年に アイリッシュ クラウン ジュエルが盗まれた舞台

  • and their whereabouts remain a mystery to this day.

    今も行方が知れず 謎のままです

  • The National Museum of Ireland - Archeology on Kildare Street

    キルデア ストリートにある 国立考古学博物館には

  • showcases other early treasures which illuminate Dublin’s history throughout the ages.

    ダブリンのあらゆる年代の歴史を 彩る宝物が展示されています

  • A little further from the centre of town is Phoenix Park,

    街の中心から少し離れた フェニックス公園は

  • one of the largest walled parks in Europe.


  • Visit the Wellington Monument,


  • a tribute to the 1st Duke of Wellington,


  • a Dubliner known as the Iron Duke who defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo.

    彼はワーテルローの戦いで ナポレオン軍に勝利を収めています

  • Of all Dublin’s heroes,


  • perhaps none are as important as St Patrick,


  • who is credited with many miracles including,


  • converting Ireland to Christianity.


  • The site of St Patrick’s Cathedral is said to be where

    聖パトリック大聖堂で 彼は初めて

  • he first baptised the pagan chieftains and altered Irish history.

    異教徒の首長に 洗礼を施したそうです

  • The nearby Christ Church Cathedral was founded almost 1000 years ago

    近くのクライスト チャーチ大聖堂は 約 1000 年前に建てられ

  • and has born witness to the lives of warriors, kings and saints.

    勇士、王、聖人たちの 歴史的遺物が残されています

  • Dubliner Jonathan Swift, once said,

    "人生のすべての日々を生きますように" は

  • May you live all the days of your life.”


  • There is no better way to define Dublin.


  • Its passion for life is contagious,


  • captivating and sure to stay with you for the rest of your days.

    きっと虜になって ずっと記憶に残るでしょう

Dublin stands resolutely on Ireland’s East Coast,



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