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- I've got a Finn on my back.
- [Missy] A real live Finn!
♫ Dun dun dun dun dun
- [Bryan] Oh no, it's so scary!
("This is Home" by Bryan Lanning)
♫ Wherever you are
♫ That's where I wanna be
♫ All it took was a laugh in that soft sunset
♫ Big blue eyes looked up and said
♫ This is home
♫ Just running around
♫ You've never looked so cute
♫ Hugging you tight
♫ Kissing all I could
♫ Saying, I am home
♫ Home's wherever you're with me
- Good morning Finn!
- Mama, huh?
- Is mama over there?
I don't know, so I just got Finn out of his crib.
He's looking for mama.
I don't know if you know where she is.
Can you try and find her though?
Let's try and find mama.
Let's go look in the playroom, is she in here?
(Finn squeals)
- [Bryan] No?
Alright, mama wasn't in the playroom.
Do you know where she is?
I don't see her, where is she?
- Blanket.
- [Bryan] Is that her?
Come on, come look, let's see.
- Mama!
- [Bryan] You think that's mama?
Oh here's my hat, I found my hat.
Did you find mama?
Go lift the blanket up and see if it's mama.
He's so afraid to go over there and lift the blanket up.
(Missy yells playfully)
- [Missy] What are you so afraid of?
What are you so afraid of?
- [Bryan] Aw, he says good morning mama.
He was seriously so afraid to lift the blanket up off you
like there was some surprise in there or something.
- Oh weird, he normally always knows exactly where I'm at,
usually like under a blanket and he's like, ahh!
(upbeat trumpet music)
- [Bryan] Alrighty, looking for Ollie in his bedroom.
I have no idea where he is though.
Is he under the sink?
No, is he in the oven?
No, is he in the fridge?
No, what's a frying pan doing in the fridge?
Where is Ollie?
Is he under the bed?
Hi, silly boy.
- Grab my hand, ow.
Good morning!
- [Bryan] Good morning, dude.
How's it going?
Checking on your mouse?
- Yeah, because my mouse is really cute
but I want to pet him.
- [Bryan] He is cute, huh? - Yeah.
- [Bryan] Look at him, he's eating food,
and he's happy.
If you guys are wondering why Ollie has a pet mouse
be sure to check the iCard in the corner
for our what's in the box challenge video
that we did on this channel.
We got a mouse out of it, and he's pretty cool.
What's his name, Pinky?
- [Ollie] John.
- [Bryan] John, okay, cool.
- [Ollie] Let's go swimming!
- Alright, we are hanging out outside by the pool
and what do we have to play with in the pool, Ollie?
What is that called?
- It's a ball.
- It's a sonic ball,
and apparently it emits a really cool sound under water
and then you basically go under water
and you try and get it, huh?
- Yup.
- Guess what, I got something else for you.
- What?
- I have a real live shark fin.
- Real live shark fin?
- Do you wanna be like a real life shark?
- Yeah!
- Let's try it with the sonic ball
and see if we could do the sonic ball challenge, okay?
- Okay. - Okay.
Ollie has turned into a real live shark boy.
Show us your fin.
Look at that!
He's got a real live fin on there.
That's pretty cool, huh?
It'll probably help you float a little.
(dramatic shark music)
- [Bryan] Alright, Shark Boy,
let's see you swim through the water like a shark.
(Ollie growls)
Show me your shark teeth!
Alright let's swim!
(intensified shark theme)
(Ollie growls)
- The scary shark!
(Missy screams)
(Bryan growls)
(Missy yells in fright)
- Scary shark prank!
You're a good shark, Finn.
(Finn growls)
- I've got a Finn on my back.
- [Missy] A real live Finn!
♫ Dun dun dun dun dun dun
- [Bryan] Oh no, it's so scary!
Alright we are now going to try the sonic ball under water.
Let's see!
(ball beeps)
(ball beeps under water)
(ball beeps at alternating pitches)
- I got the ball!
- [Bryan] You got it, good job, dude!
Did you hear it underwater with your ears?
- I heard you could go all the way down
to the bottom all by yourself.
Do you wanna show me?
(techno music)
He's just down there hanging out like it's no big deal!
(upbeat music)
- This kid can hold his breath longer than I can.
Dude, that's nuts.
- [Missy] You know that you're like a crazy swimmer?
- [Bryan] You're a really good swimmer, dude.
(upbeat techno music)
- [Bryan] What is going on in this playroom?
Are you cleaning the inside of the toy box right now?
- [Missy] You would not believe how disgusting
the inside of the toy box could be.
- [Bryan] Why is there a banana peel?
- [Missy] Oh yeah, I gave them a banana this morning.
- Something's happened, we actually had a meeting
this morning and it was really cool because it was
with another family who had kids and the boys were playing
with them and it was so cute and adorable.
But they kinda tore up the playroom a little bit,
which is not unlike our boys, huh?
(Finn babbles in agreement)
This is next level right here.
- Look at how disgusting it is.
- [Bryan] I know, it's so gross.
- We're gonna have to use a magic eraser.
- [Bryan] Alright, Ollie and Finn,
you guys are gonna help mama clean up your playroom right?
- We're throwing away toys,
well we're not throwing them away,
we're giving them away, and we're cleaning.
- [Bryan] Yes, it's important to do these things
when it's a birthday month.
- [Missy] Yeah, for sure.
- [Bryan] Alright, let's not play with this, okay buddy?
(happy tune)
- We did it!
It is so much better,
I got rid of two huge bags of just a lot of things.
Actually a lot of it was even books.
We tend to like rose, because they read the ones that
are in their room and these ones they just can't really see.
Either way, I got rid of a ton of stuff.
And I put legos up here, like if you wanna play with legos
you can let me know and I'll get them down.
Same with all of your little figurines.
He's got so many figurines,
and he plays with these all the time,
but I'm just like you just get them everywhere
so just tell me when you want to play with them.
And then he's got books, blankets.
I actually cleaned out everything that was under here,
he did have a ton of costumes.
A lot of them he didn't even fit into
and so I got rid of some and then I put the rest up and away
so he can tell me if he wants to change into a costume.
I did leave a few masks and things up here
for him to play with but very minimal things.
And we got rid of a ton of toys,
so he's just got his favorites in here and a few things
and I actually got rid of a ton of beans
that were in his bean bag because one of them
was super full and they could only use one.
So now they look good.
Yay, I'm so happy!
Saturdays are good for cleaning.
I feel like we got a ton done.
Look at that, two huge bags.
(mellow guitar)
- So cute, that's pretty much what he does
like all day is just play pretend
with his little action figures, he calls them.
Finn, on the other hand, likes to play outside with cars.
He likes cars.
(Finn screeches excitedly)
- [Missy] Yeah, what are you doing?
- I got two cars.
- [Missy] Oh, you got two cars, huh?
But yeah, it is just a nice,
I wouldn't say it's a lazy Saturday,
but it's just one of those Saturdays
where you just are chilling at home.
Bryan's actually vacuuming the playroom now,
because it needed to be vacuumed.
And look at this.
I guess it's someone's lazy afternoon Saturday.
My mom's totally napping outside on the couch.
But she also said she wasn't feeling very good,
so it's probably for the best.
I think she needed a little rest.
(Finn yells)
- [Missy] Hey, what are you doing?
(calming guitar)
- Go like that, now oop.
(clanging and clacking)
(singing and chanting)
- [Bryan] Finn, can you do it?
Ahh, careful!
- [Missy] Okay, what does that do?
- Okay, so this is a sliding thing, right?
- [Missy] Is that really what it does?
- Well it's got these little things
which makes me think that it's like one of those.
- [Missy] Yeah, that's weird.
And what's the hole?
Like I don't get it.
- I don't know, this is music.
You just bang the sticks together.
Bang these sticks together, Finn.
Bang them together.
(Missy snickers)
- [Bryan] Almost.
You ready, Finn?
(triangle chimes)
- [Missy] Oh my goodness!
Okay, that's a little scary,
he's like yeah, give me that.
And by the way, we've just changed up all of this.
We kinda switched around some toys
and made it look a little bit cleaner up there I think.
So yay it looks good.
- [Bryan] And hit record, so now you're recording.
- [Ollie] Now I'm recording.
I got the camera.
- [Missy] Are you vlogging?
- [Ollie] Yeah.
- [Missy] What are you doing?
- [Ollie] Getting something.
- [Missy] Alright, what do you see?
- [Ollie] Eggs!
- [Missy] Lots and lots of eggs huh?
Alright I think that's one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven eggs!
Good job, go take them up to Mimi and Papa.
I'm also getting ready to put all new
fresh bedding down for them, so they got that.
And we're letting the chickens roam around right now.
Most of them are over there.
Oh it looks like the babies came out, yay!
They're always so scared to come out,
they like to stay in their coop,
but it looks like Pam is taking them out
on a little walk around so that's good for them.
- [Bryan] You may have heard of pork chops and applesauce
but what about pizza and applesauce?
Yes, that's right, ladies and gentlemen,
Finn is using his pizza as a scooper for the applesauce
and then eating it, nom.
- I'm using my strawberries to dip in.
- [Bryan] Oh you do? - Yeah.
- That's cool!
Look at this.
Keeping up with the theme of today's vlog, sharks!
(Bryan growls)
Can you eat using the grabber?
And then take a bite with it in the mouth of the shark.
Can you do it?
There you go!
(Bryan laughs)
You're so silly.
These boys are getting some dinner after a fun day.
Hey, be good!
Hey, ahh, the shark!
That is one crazy shark.
- Alright, the kids are in bed.
We had a super fun summer day, it was hot out.
- Hey I have hair.
She always cuts out my hair.
- He always gets mad because I cut off his hair
but he's just really tall.
- I work really hard on it
and then you don't even show it off, babe.
- Anyways, he's eating Oreos and guess who we're talking to?
- [Kelsey And Korbin] Hey!
- [Missy] We're talking to Kelsey and Korbin
and we like to do this often
because we just love hanging out with them.
- Yes, we are planning our next trip,
hopefully we'll see them soon.
(both laugh)
We just love talking to Kelsey and Korbin.
We literally hang out a lot just through Facetime.
- [Korbin] Virtually.
- [Bryan] And hopefully someday soon
we'll be in a room together.
- Yeah, maybe someday.
- It could happen.
- [Missy] Yeah but anyways,
they're gonna help us end the video,
so make sure you gibe this video
a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it.
And we'll see you guys tomorrow!
- [Kelsey And Korbin] Bye!



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