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- [Missy] He wants his sword back.
- Get away from me, get away from me!
(clicking noise)
- [Missy] Why do you always have to
bring a gun to this fight?
("This is home" by Bryan Lanning)
- Good morning.
- Good morning, boys.
Where are we going?
- To the church.
- We're walking into church and you guys look like you're
right out of a Backstreet Boys music video or something.
- It's really bright.
- It's really bright out here, yeah.
Boys are matching for church like we usually do.
They look so cute.
What are we gonna learn about in church, Ollie?
- Jesus.
- [Bryan] We're gonna learn about Jesus?
- Again.
- [Bryan] Again?
- Yeah.
- All right, let's do this.
All right, we just got out of church.
I did have to change Fin's diaper in the middle
of the service but I think they were doing really good.
So we're gonna go get them from nursery now.
- Get some donuts.
- [Bryan] Yeah, we got donuts.
What do you got?
Did you draw a picture?
- [Oliver] Yeah.
- Aw, that's so cool, dude.
All right, Ollie, what did you learn about?
- Jesus.
- You learned about Jesus?
- Yeah.
- That's so cool!
What did they teach you about him?
- I don't know.
- You don't know? (laughing)
He said he had to draw something about back home, huh?
Yeah, and mama got you a donut because you did so good.
- Yeah, because I want the pink donut.
- [Bryan] Here you go, big guy.
Donuts, there you go.
What do you say, Ollie?
- Thank you.
- [Bryan] You're welcome.
Church and donuts make these two boys extremely happy.
Whoa! (laughing)
Let's go, kiddos.
(upbeat music)
- [Missy] What do you got there, Ollie?
What is that?
- Crab.
- That is a crab.
- [Missy] Whoa.
- It also kind of looks like crap.
I was just sitting in the chair
and then all of a sudden it was on my chest.
- [Missy] You're like, oh my gosh.
- I was like, what happened?
Ollie finds very weird things out here.
- Yeah, we just got home from church
and it is a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
I mean, it is not hot in the least.
It's like low, low, low eighties.
It's so nice, there's literally like a cool breeze.
It's just amazing, it's like the perfect weather.
These boys are in their church clothes still
and they're like, "Mom, get us our bathing suits,
"we're going swimming."
You wanna go swim?
Yeah, do you wanna swim?
He always wants to swim.
If you guys didn't see them swimming in yesterday's vlog
you'll have to check it out.
I'll have it up in the I-card.
It is literally the most amazing footage
of him jumping and swimming to the bottom of the deep end.
You guys, he is three years old
and he swims to the bottom of the deep end.
And he'll like grab things with his mouth sometimes,
just like grab rings with his mouth at the bottom,
kind of sit there for a second,
and then just like swim to the top like it's nothing.
I mean, yesterday we just definitely caught
some really cool footage and I was just so happy
that we have that to look back on
because it is absolutely amazing.
Still to this day, I'm his mom and I was just like,
"Oh my gosh, it's amazing!"
These boys are good swimmers.
So anyways, I think it's time to swim.
Papa's got his bathing suit on.
Looks like Mimi and uncle are in the pool.
It's time to get in the pool, huh?
- Stick them up, hands in the air.
- [Missy] Hands in the air, boy.
All right, Fin's in his swimming gear
and he's ready to get in.
Are you gonna go jump?
- Come in, buddy.
- [Missy] Okay Fin, you ready?
Ready, one, two, three, jump! (laughing)
Fin, jump.
- He wasn't ready.
- Ready, one, two, three, jump!
- Come on, jump!
- [Missy] How's it feel?
Does it feel good?
- Yeah.
- [Missy] Yeah? (laughing)
How's it feel, Ollie?
Oh yeah, that's nice, that's really nice.
Especially on a cool day like today.
(upbeat music)
(horses neighing)
- Oh my gosh, you guys.
A unicorn and a pony just magically appeared at our house.
I'm freaking out.
Boys, Ollie, Fin, come here!
- Come here, look what showed up!
What is it?
- [Bryan] What?
Where did these come from?
Look it, they both know which one is theirs.
What do you think, Ollie?
- All you have to do is go up, just bounce up and down.
- [Bryan] There you go, Ollie, jump!
Look it, you're riding a horsie, dude!
There you go, whoa dude!
You're on a real galloping horse, dude. (laughing)
That is so cool.
Finny, you gotta learn how to control that unicorn.
(horse neighing)
(upbeat music)
- Oh, he crashed the unicorn.
Ollie, you have giddy-upped this horse
all the way to our front door.
What's it like riding a horse?
- Um, a cowboy.
- [Bryan] It's kind of like a cowboy?
- Yeah.
I'm just sitting frosty guy.
- Oh, really?
So Ollie, if you had a horse what would you name it?
Or what would you like to name this horse?
- I don't know.
- [Bryan] Think about it, what do you think?
What would be a good name for a horsie?
- Another John.
- [Bryan] Another John?
- Yeah.
- [Bryan] That's a boring name, come on.
- [Missy] So is it a boy or is it a girl?
- Boy.
- [Missy] It's a boy?
- [Bryan] Boy horse?
All right, you wanna come inside?
- Yeah.
- [Bryan] I bet you didn't know
you could ride horses indoors.
- I think we should get a real horse now.
You're like a pro.
- Like a pro.
(Bryan laughing)
- [Bryan] Whoa, dude!
You really got that thing moving.
You gonna go into the hallway on the carpet?
Is it gonna work?
- [Oliver] Mm-hmm.
- [Bryan] Let's see.
Oh look, it still works.
Is it a little harder though?
Yeah? (laughing)
- Oh, gonna crash into that horse!
- [Bryan] Ah! (laughing)
Fin is still learning how to ride the unicorn.
- Yeah, he's like a little bit too short.
- [Bryan] It'll come though, it'll come.
- Let's go this way, I'll push you.
Let's go, let's go!
- [Bryan] Wee!
- [Oliver] My horse, he crashed!
- [Bryan] Oh no, the horse crashed?
- My horse.
- [Bryan] Oh, right into the wall?
Can you pet him, Ollie?
- [Missy] Oh, he's so sweet.
- [Bryan] Is that pretty cool to have a horse
that you can ride indoors, Ollie?
- Yeah.
- [Bryan] Oh, he hears his music from his bedroom
and he's like, "Oh, is it night-night?"
- [Missy] He is such a cute horse, huh?
- Yeah, look at his eyes.
- Yeah, he's got brown eyes.
- Yeah, brown eyes.
- [Bryan] There you go, dude.
- Fin's horse is over there.
- [Bryan] Go, go, go, go as fast as you can!
- I won't crash into Fin's.
- [Bryan] That is so cool, you guys.
All he has to do is push those things on the bottom.
It's so neat.
- What, I'm in the hallway.
- [Bryan] He's gonna go all around the house, you guys.
(Bryan making horse racing noises)
Hopped off a moving unicorn.
- I wonder if he could swoop back and take Fin for a ride.
- [Bryan] Yeah, that would be cool, let's try.
Fin, you wanna go for a ride on the horse?
- Ready, and go!
- [Bryan] Hop on.
Hang on, Fin, hang on!
You're giving your brother a ride, dude. (laughing)
- [Missy] That was pretty cool.
(upbeat music)
- [Bryan] Uh, babe, there's a horse in our kitchen.
Look at him go. (laughing)
This is so cool, huh?
- I love it.
This one will do until we get a real horse.
- [Bryan] Yeah.
Go, go, go!
He's a little slow on the carpet.
- Push, push, and then get over the hill.
- [Bryan] Yay! (laughing)
- [Oliver] Where's Fin?
- [Bryan] Try and find him!
Go, go, go!
Go find him.
Let's go see if he's in your room.
- Mom, don't hurt my horse.
- I'm going.
- [Bryan] Mama is so funny.
- [Oliver] What?
- [Bryan] Hi, Fin.
- [Missy] Are you cooking us food?
Are you doing the dishes?
Because I've got real dishes for you to cook, to clean.
Dinner time is over and the boys are playing now.
He wants his sword back.
He's like, "Give me my sword."
He's an animal.
- Get away from me, get away from me.
- [Missy] Fin, get your sword!
Oh, look who's here. (laughing)
(clicking noise)
Why do you always have to bring a gun to this fight?
Whoa, whoa. (laughing)
- You are dead, you have fallen away.
- You like hitting me with that right in my face.
- [Missy] Oh jeez, that sounds so painful.
- All these boys, they play so rough but they love it,
like, they love it, so funny.
I think Ollie's getting more weapons together.
Are you bringing the fart gun now?
- No, I'm not fart gun.
- [Missy] By the way, yes, they asked to get
their legos down and now the legos are everywhere
so that kind of defeated the purpose.
- Fin did this before.
- [Missy] Oh, Fin did this?
I'm sure, actually, I'm sure he did.
But we're gonna have to clean these up tonight, okay?
- Get his feet.
- Okay, got him.
Here we go, look who's got a gun now.
Oh, our dishes have been taking over.
I've been trying to do a little bit at a time.
That's what I've got left.
I'm so tired, that was a lot of dishes.
Oh, more weapons, more weapons.
It's almost his bedtime.
(upbeat music)



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