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  • Hey guys! My video on the DIY makeup brush had such a good response from you and thank

  • you for that, so I decided to do another brush tutorial and this time is for the nail art

  • enthusiasts. I did a striper! If you are interested in how you can make it yourself, please keep

  • watching and let's go to the tutorial.

  • This is how my finished nail art brush looks like and check out how precise lines I'm able

  • to draw with it! This brush really makes it so much easier to create different nail art

  • designs. And that's why I decided to share this do it yourself video with you. If you

  • want to see my entire Lego nail art tutorial you can find the video on my channel, but

  • now let's go to the striper. You will need scissors, glue, some pliers, a knife, a tape,

  • a lollipop and of course the most important part -- the hair. As you have seen in my makeup

  • brush DIY this is how I get it.

  • Ok, first you need to... eat the lollipop! Now you have a good excuse to buy some candy.

  • Yay! When you're done take the white little stick and this will be the handle of the striper.

  • With a knife make a small cut on one side of the stick, but please be very very careful.

  • I really don't want you to get hurt and end up in hospital with stiches. Ask an adult

  • to do this for you if you're not used to doing these things. The cut should be about zero

  • point two inches deep. This will allow us to spread the handle and make it easier to

  • insert the hair.

  • Now take a bit of hair, you won't need much as we are making a precision brush! Before

  • attaching the hair to the lollipop stick, cut one side of hair like so to get a flat

  • end. Drip a few drops of superglue first to this side of hair and then in the hole of

  • the stick. You can be pretty generous here. Quickly put the hair into the hole before

  • the glue dries. Squeeze the stick gently with the pliers so that the bristles will glue

  • to our brush firmly. Next, apply a few more drops of glue to the end of the stick. This

  • way you make sure that your striper will last you a long time. Then take a tape and wrap

  • it around the stick so it holds the hair firmly. Just wrap it several times like so to additionally

  • seal the cut. If you have a colorful tape your nail art brush will look so much cooler.

  • Now, it's time to design your nail art brush. Cut the hair like so. Leave a few bristles

  • long in the middle to get a really pointy ending. The thinner the ending the more precise

  • lines you'll be able to draw with your striper. And there you have it! A super easy DIY, which

  • made a great improvement to my nail art tools collection. It really helps me pull off nail

  • art designs that I couldn't do before. I was honestly so surprised how well this brush

  • works. And as far as cleaning, I just used an acetone and it did no damage to the hair!

  • I hope you enjoyed this video and if you decide to do this striper yourself, I hope it will

  • serve you well. And if you are new to my channel, please subscribe for cool beauty videos every

  • week.

Hey guys! My video on the DIY makeup brush had such a good response from you and thank


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ネイルアートブラシをDIY!ネイルアートのストリッパーブラシの作り方~DIYネイルアートツール (DIY Nail Art Brush! How to Make a Nail Art Striper Brush - DIY Nail Art Tools)

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