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  • Hello this is Mike Russell from I am staggered by your generosity. Over half

  • a million views on this channel. Please keep watching and to celebrate, on this tutorial

  • I'm going to show you the exact settings I apply to a voice over once I've recorded it

  • into Adobe Audition. Now if there's one person you need to thank for this tutorial. It is

  • voice over Darren. Go to his website at click the contact page and thank him personally

  • for this tutorial. That's

  • In the latest versions of Adobe Audition CS5.5 and 6 you are able to put your favourite processes

  • onto a hotkey. So right here I'll select this part of my voice over hit the V key and my

  • settings are applied immediately. You'll see them here in the history box. There really

  • is no great science it's just a straightforward process, EQ, normalize, compress, normalize.

  • E N C N. I really need a better acronym don't I? With these simples steps you can turn a

  • voiceover that sounds like this "This is a voice over" to this "This is a voice over".

  • Let me walk you through those steps now. First of all, EQ, I'm going to select the unprocessed

  • voice here and go to my effects rack over here where I will select filter EQ and the

  • Parametric Equalizer. Here it's just a simple case of selecting the Loudness Maximizer in

  • the presets. All this does is add a subtle little bass and quite a lot of extra treble

  • to give you a nice presence in your vocals. So once you've done that, hit the cross and

  • then apply and you'll see that the EQ is now applied to the voice over. Next you go to

  • the effects menu amplitude and compression normalize process, that will bring up this

  • box then you can normalize the voice over to your favorite late 90s radio station frequency

  • so 98.8 there you might choose to go back to perhaps 95.8. Anything in the late 90s

  • is good. Next is the compression or as it is called in the Adobe Audition, the Dynamics

  • Processing. So head back to the effects rack go to amplitude and compression, Dynamics

  • processing and then i've got a preset called "Mike Compressor" that's something I set up

  • myself. I'm going to zoom into my settings there take a look them note them down and

  • you can set them up yourself in Adobe Audition. Now cross out of the Dynamics Processor effect.

  • Click apply to put it onto the voice and you'll see that makes it nice and fat but a little

  • bit too loud so then we go back to the effects Amplitude and Compression in the menu and

  • then Normalize process again normalize to your favorite radio station frequency in the

  • late 90s and there it is the compressed voice over sounds like this "This is a voice over."

  • Now how do you get all of those processes onto one hotkey so you're not doing 4 things

  • each time you want to process a voiceover. Well you simply add it into the favourites

  • menu in Adobe Audition CS5.5 or 6 and select start recording favourite. When you do that

  • you get the opportunity to then go ahead and record all of those processes. Kind of like

  • a macro or it used to be known as a script in previous versions of Adobe Audition. Once

  • you finish you simply go to favourites, stop recording favourite, give it a title and to

  • assign it to a hotkey hit the ALT K key on your keyboard to bring up keyboard shortcuts.

  • Go to your favourites, find the favourite you recorded. For me here it's Voice Filter,

  • and then just assign a hotkey by hitting the key you want and I usually use V because that

  • reminds me of voice every time i'm processing my voice. And there you go that's the easy

  • way to process a voice over once you've recorded it into Adobe Audition. In cooking terms,

  • I like to refer to it as oiling the pan because you're preparing the voice over for it's purpose

  • now there is a secret source or the seasoning that you can put on top of the voice over

  • when you're creating radio imaging sweepers and IDs and maybe I'll reveal that to you

  • in a future tutorial. If you'd like to see that process leave a comment on this video.

  • Thanks for watching. This is Mike Russell from

Hello this is Mike Russell from I am staggered by your generosity. Over half


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