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- [Jeremy] What'd you think?
- I loved it, I wanna go on the big one!
- Hello.
- Alright, so we're really excited
because we're coming down
to worlds of fun today

which is an amusement
park here in Kansas City.

You excited?
- Mm-Hmm.
- Excited!
- [Kendra] You're excited.
How 'bout you Caleb?
- Yeah.
- Go ahead Cub.
Laura's a little bit nervous about Snoopy.
Can you give a high five?
She's still kind of scared.
Give high fives.
Can you give hugs?
There we go.
There's so much energy and excitement
when you come into an amusement park.
You guys, I did that when
I was in high school.

- [Isaac] Is it fun?
- [Jeremy] It's so fun.
- Do you think I'll like it?
- [Jeremy] I think you would love it.
- What do you think?
- It looks scary.
- [Jeremy] It is a little scary.
Do you wanna try it?
- No.
- [Jeremy] Okay, let's go to Snoopy land.
It looks like you're tall enough buddy.
Caleb, how you feeling about it?
- Cold.
- This is the first ride of the day.
What do you think?
Caleb's a little nervous.
You got it bud.
Issac, pull on it, pull.
- I said pull really hard.
The kids can't figure out
how to get the airplanes up in the air.
- First roller coaster ever
for these little kiddos.

- What do you think?
- [Elise] It's my second.
- The kids are a little bit nervous,
but I think they're gonna really love it.
- That's a real roller coaster.
- [Jeremy] What'd you think?
- I loved it, I wanna go on a big one.
- [Jeremy] Yeah!
- One hand again, whoo!
Alright, so here's a
poll question for today.

Do you guys like roller coasters?
Yes, no?
Let us know.
- So fun.
- Yeah, I wanna do it again.
- I put my sunglasses on
and it made him feel a little better.
- [Kendra] Cubby, you doing okay?
Was that scary?
- When you go around, those, it goes fast.
- [Kendra] It does feel fast
when you go around those.

You let go of him.
- My hands was in the air.
- [Kendra] You put your arms up.
- I'm just having fun.
Are you ready for this?
It's gonna spin.
- Dad, I have no hands.
- [Jeremy] No hands?
That's crazy.
- So Caleb picked this ride out.
He wants to ride it.
- Hi dad!
- So Caleb was missing.
The stroller was empty,
and he was laughing and
hiding inside that curtain

about three feet from us.
But we freaked out for about a second.
- That one second where you
realize he's not in the stroller

he's not with you, he's not with Jeremy.
- [Jeremy] And then he starts laughing.
- Like Jeremy and I were
looking at the map together

and I thought he was
sitting in the stroller and

I screamed.
- You stinker.
(upbeat music)
So one of the thing I love at
amusement parks is the food.

You can smell that fried happiness.
So we decided to go
with Funnel Cakes today.

Perfect, thanks.
- You're welcome.
- [Kendra] Isaac.
- At first I thought this was chicken.
- [Jeremy] Yeah, put
it's a fried funnel cake.

- So I love funnel cakes,
especially different
flavors of funnel cakes.

So what's your favorite amusement park
or fair style food, let us
know in the comments below.

- My favorite is definitely churros.
So Ricky came up to us, she
said that she watches our vlog.

So that's so much for watching.
So you work here at World's of Fun?
It's the first day, how's
the first day of work going?

- Going good.
- [Jeremy] Good.
- I'm so glad you came and said hello.
(slow music)
Here comes ours.
I remember this ride when I was a kid
and it was just awesome
to be able to drive.

- Wooh!
- [Kendra] Turn now Isaac.
- [Jeremy] Oh, he made it!
- Hi!
- We have another fan
who watches our vlog,

what's your name?
- Brienne.
- Brienne, awesome!
So we just met Katelyn.
Katelyn also watches.
Thanks so much for watching!
He's coming, he's coming.
He got him, he got him.
- Bye Snoopy.
- Bye!
What is up there?
- There's a birdie up there.
- So here in this busy amusement park,
all sorts of fun stuff to go on
and Laura stops and she points up,
and she goes, "Look,
there's a birdie up there."

- [Jeremy] What are we doing bud?
- We're riding our first bin train.
- [Jeremy] First bin train.
Here it comes.
- Here it comes.
- I can't do my right hand.
- Laura waves, and she says,
"Bye we'll be right back."

This is so fun.
(upbeat music)
- (giggles) That looks so fun!
- No, I'm not sure I can
handle more spinning Laura.

- Kendra is power walking out of the park.
- No, it's just an effort to get there.
- Do you remember where
our parking spot is?

It's always a problem.
- What's up dude?
- Uncle Troy's in town,
and so he's gonna be coming with me
back to the amusement park tonight.
- Hey, hi Kendra.
- Good to see you.
- What's up Isaac, how are you?
- We're back and the emotions
are a little bit different.

My hands are a little sweaty.
I'm excited and a little scared.
So they have a video of the ride
just to get us more excited about it.
We're next.
We're in, we're doing this.
We're doing this!
J House out!
- That was awesome.
- [Jeremy] That was fun.
- I couldn't stop laughing.
- You were screaming the whole way.
My mouth was so dry
because my mouth is open.

- I was like drooling
out the side of my mouth.

- Okay, let's do it again!
- I just accidentally stuck the scissors
in the toaster.
Well apparently Caleb decided
that his haircut was not over.




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