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- (whispering) All I
wanna do is take a nap.

Come get your toys.
You got it girlfriend, go for it!
- [Man] Look at that smile!
(raspberry noises)
(bright music)
- [Caleb] I always get it over the hole,
and then under the hole.
It's yum!
- [Jeremy] How'd you sleep buddy?
- Good, me got good dreams
- [Jeremy] What'd you dream about?
- Playing.
- [Jeremy] How'd you sleep big girl?
- Good.
- [Child] Good dreams?
- [Elise] Yeah.
- [Jeremy] What do you want Laura?
- Yogurt and granola.
- [Jeremy] Want some yogurt and granola.
- Yup!
Hmm hmm.
- [Jeremy] Good morning.
- Good morning.
- I have a good feeling about today.
It's gonna be a good day,
and that is because I'm
wearing my favorite shirt,

so clearly it has to be a great day today,
and also because we just got a call from
some of our YouTube friends,
and they're in town in Kansas City today,
and so they're gonna come
over for dinner tonight.

It's gonna be totally
laid back, spontaneous.

We're just going to do pizza.
It's the Deru Crew, and Ellie and Jared,
and we just love getting
together with other YouTubers.

(raspberry noises)
- [Jeremy] Silly goose.
- Hello!
- [Jeremy] Hello.
- Hello, hello.
- It was way out by the swing sets
and it just won't back
into the fort back there.

- [Jeremy] What was it?
- There was a red fox in our back yard.
- [Jeremy] So Jenae just
rolled over downstairs,

from her back to her stomach.
You know you want 'em.
You want those keys.
Come get it.
(baby coos)
- [Kendra] Come on.
Come get your toys.
You're doin' it.
She's doin' it!
You got it girlfriend, go for it!
(baby coos)
You are so close.
- [Jeremy] That arm, that
one silly arm (laughs).

- [Kendra] You're doin' a great job Jenae.
That's a big job to learn to roll over.
Oh, lift that head.
Oh, oh there you are (laughs).
- [Jeremy] That head has to get around.
- [Kendra] Oh, she did it!
She did it, I'm callin' it!
Yeah, from her back, she rolled over.
You did it, there we go!
Good job Jenae.
- So proud of you.

I feel like that's young.
That feels young for rolling over.
- We have had her in the advanced
rolling placement program.

- So I decided to do an ice
cream bar for dessert tonight,

because it's hot out and
everybody loves ice cream,

so I just need to decide on flavors.
I wanna have a good variety.
I think I'm gonna get
three different kinds.

Let me show you my choices.
(rock music)
I get everything we need.
That was maybe the quickest
shopping trip ever.

(rock music)
It's reading time.
Everybody's got their
little piles of books.

- What are mammals?
They are around 500 species of mammals.
- Well sorry I forgot to film
but the kids had fun this morning.
They we're playing with
friends and now it's afternoon,

and I am getting hit by the tired bug.
(whispering) All I wanna do is take a nap.
What I'll do instead is
hang out with these peeps

and probably fold some laundry.
(soft music)
(winding music)
I had to leave to nurse Jenae.
You guys did great!
So now Mom's back.
Let's get this finished up.
(country music)
- Hi!
That funny Jenae-nae.
(baby coos)
She's laughing.
- [Kendra] She thought it was funny!
- Yeah, she thought it was funny!
- Why is it, that it's
the goal when you have

friends coming over, or
people coming to your house,

that basically your house needs to look
like nobody lives there?
Like cleaning up, I mean
does anybody's house ever

stay like that for more
than just a few minutes?

I just don't, I guess
see what the point is.

The kids are reading
to keep 'em out of
trouble because this girl

gets into so much trouble.
Okay, more like these two.
- We're having a great time together!
- [Kendra] Alright we ordered the pizza
and the house is picked up,
so we are ready to play!
- Our kids are a little
excited about our friends

coming tonight.
- We have the Deru Crew with us today,
and Ellie and Jared are with us.
(child gibberish)
We have a bunch of a
little kids running around

out here, playing in the sprinklers.
- Ahh.
- [Jeremy] Nice hit!
(soft music)
(water splashing)
You still eatin'?
When we were considering daily vlogging,
one of the channels that we watched a ton,
was Ellie and Jared.
This was back in the handstand
ending of vlog days,
and I remember watching
them and seeing what they

we're doing and we were
really inspired by that.

So thank you for doing that.
I mean it really was a big deal.
- Thank you for saying that.
That's very sweet of you.
- Well it's true.

- [Jeremy] It's sincere.
- [Jared] Look at that smile.
- [Jeremy] Oh my goodness.
(Jeremy laughs)
- Blow her a kiss, no (speaks off mic).
She's like don't kiss me.
- [Caleb] You wanna make
a mess in our basement!

- [Jeremy] Landon, you
we're supposed to be

cleaning up!
- Princess warrior.
- Get cleaned up and go to your room!
Did you fun with Jackson?
- Yeah.
- [Jeremy] Jackson, your little buddy.
- How do your roll the R.
- I have no idea.
(Elise rolls R)
- [Jeremy] Give it a try!
(raspberry noises)
So, I think what do, is you
stick the tip of your tongue

at the top of your mouth,
and then you blow air through it.
(Jeremy and Elise blows
air through tongue)

You gotta make your tongue
a little more taunt.

(Jeremy blows air through tongue)
(Elise blows air through tongue)
(raspberry noises)
- Inside of your teeth.
- So most importantly if
you learn how to do this,

you can sound like Chewbacca.
(Jeremy rolls tongue)
(Isaac rolls tongue)
- So Jenae just keeps growing
and I went and got her

a new little sleeper.
Isn't it cute!
It's even got ruffles on the bum.
- [Jeremy] When Kendra bought those jamas,
I was like, those are way too big for her.
- She fits them.
She's growing too fast.
You little rolling over,
growing big, smiling girl.

- [Jeremy] Let's see the ruffles.
- Okay.
- [Jeremy] She's laughing.
(baby laughs)
- You see Daddy, huh?
(baby coos)
(children laughing)
(soft music)
- [Jeremy] Oooh!
- [Kendra] I just came across this.
Why did you cut your hair?
- Because I want to all by
myself because I'm a big girl!

- I look fabulous!
- [Kendra] What's goin' on?
- [Child] There's a ambulance!
- [Jeremy] Like right there's
a fire truck, right there.

(rock music)



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