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  • You hear it all the time about people without money.

  • "They're just lazy."

  • "They should just get a job."

  • The subtext is: poor people deserve to be poor.

  • If they just tried harder or made better decisions, they'd make it.

  • But 4.9 million Canadians live in poverty.

  • Is it really what they deserve?

  • The job market is like a game of musical chairs.

  • And since we depend on employment to stay out of poverty,

  • it's like playing over hot coals.

  • Traditional 40-hour week, full-time jobs, are becoming scarce.

  • Meanwhile, automation is removing chairs from the game.

  • Cars can now drive themselves.

  • But it's not just taxi and truck drivers who should be worried.

  • It's baristas,

  • lawyers,

  • writers,

  • accountants,

  • doctors,

  • musicians,

  • even animators like me.

  • All sorts of jobs will be done in part or entirely by machines,

  • and humans just can't compete with their speed or cost.

  • It should be great that we have more time,

  • but the rules of the game make it an economic nightmare.

  • We made these rules,

  • and we have the power to change them.

  • What if we all had a Basic Income?

  • It would be an income sufficient to meet basic needs,

  • and live with dignity, regardless of work status.

  • It would reduce stress and insecurity,

  • and let people focus on the work most important to them,

  • and to us all.

  • It would be a floor placed over the hot coals.

  • Now some people worry that we give out money

  • with no strings attached,

  • people might stop working all together.

  • Maybe they'll spend it all on drugs or alcohol,

  • or just play video games all day.

  • But why not look at the evidence?

  • Experiments and programs providing direct cash transfers have been conducted all over the world.

  • They show that as people's economic security improves,

  • they continue to work.

  • More start their own businesses.

  • Crime rates drop.

  • Health outcomes improve.

  • More people finish school,

  • and people are able to stay housed.

  • Economists from across the political spectrum support different forms of a basic income.

  • It won't solve everything,

  • but it's the key to making other programs and services work better.

  • When people are desperate,

  • crime goes up,

  • education rates drop,

  • and healthcare costs rise.

  • By investing in a Basic Income,

  • we head off these problems before they start,

  • and won't have to worry so much

  • when our jobs can be done by machines.

  • Please add your voice to the growing movement for Basic Income in Canada.

  • and start conversations with your family,

  • friends,

  • colleagues,

  • and elected representatives.

  • It's time for a Basic Income Guarantee.

You hear it all the time about people without money.


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