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  • In a Moment of Vision...


  • It's 1905, Northern California.


  • Frank Epperson is eleven years old.


  • He's sitting on his front porch making a sort of DIY drink that's very popular at this time.

    玄関先のポーチで 当時たいへん人気のあった

  • He has just poured a sugary soda powder into a glass of water and is mixing enthusiastically with a wooden stir stick.


  • We don't know exactly how the next 24 hours play out, but we can imagine that something catches Frank's attention and he abandons his drink mid-stir.

    グラスの水に 甘いソーダパウダーを注ぎ

  • After a cold Bay Area night, Frank rediscovers his mixed drink the next morning.

    木製の混ぜ棒で 一所懸命に混ぜていました

  • It's frozen solid.

    正確なことは わからないものの その後の24時間の間に

  • But instead of throwing it out, Frank pulls the icy block of soda out of the glass by the embedded stir stick and, in a moment of vision, licks it.


  • Delighted by his invention, Frank begins making the frozen treat for friends,

    彼はドリンクを 途中で放り出してしまいました

  • and as he grows older, begins selling them as Eppsicles, a contraction of his last name and the word icicle.


  • It is rumored that later, Frank's own kids dubbed the icy delicacy, Pop's 'cicle.

    フランクはドリンクのことを 思い出したのです

  • Others claim the name is a combination of lollipop and icicle.


  • Regardless where the name comes from, the popsicle is here to stay.


  • Approximately 2 billion popsicles are sold each year.

    フランクは混ぜ棒ごと凍った固まりを グラスから取り出し

In a Moment of Vision...


審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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B2 中上級 日本語 TED-Ed フランク ドリンク 混ぜ キャンディー グラス

【TED-Ed】アイスキャンディーの発明秘話(How the popsicle was invented | Moments of Vision 11 - Jessica Oreck)

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