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14772 Common Misconceptions; Getting the Facts Straight
H: Lis Speight, Host A: Dr Christian Jessen, Health Expert
B: Jackie Bell, a patient with personal experience of the problem
H: Why do so many people believe that diarrhoea should be left to run its course, without
treating it? A: I think there are a number of myths, first
of all when you read about diarrhoea, you tend to read about the more extreme cases
and those awful bacterial causes salmonella, Campylobacter and Cholera and usually they
are probably best treated with antibiotics or to be left to run its cause. Generally
stress diarrhoea you do need to treat but if you like most people, working , running
about, got things to so when actually, treating it is going to be the best way to get on with
your life. H: Now some people think that if you take
diarrhoea tablets it sort of bungs you up and stops any bugs that you’ve got from
coming out of your system. Is that right? A: Well, it is a very common myth actually
that I hear a lot and I would say, as I said before, if you have high fevers, cramps, a
lot of mucus coming out then actually go and seek medical advice first before you take
anything yourself. But for that short lived, acute diarrhoea where it is just the diarrhoea
and maybe a bit of cramping, no it’s not right at all and it will absolutely help you
to get on with your life, stop you living in the bathroom for 3 days and it will relieve
the symptoms, make you feel a lot more comfortable, wont it. So no, it is fine to take medication.
H: And how long should you wait before seeking advice. How long were you suffering before
you went to the pharmacist? B: Maybe 2 or 3 weeks because at that time
I was getting it the whole time but now I have it about every 10 days, 2 weeks and I
can more of less tell when it’s going to happen. Just something will go in my stomach
and say ‘right, I’m going to make you want to sit on the toilet for a long time.’
A: In Jackie’s case I mean, she knows absolutely what it is, where it comes from, what’s
going to set it off and that’s fine, I’d say she doesn’t really need to seek medical
advice now. H: Because she is managing it really well,
aren’t you, which is good. B: Yes, yes.
A: I think, if you have your first bout of diarrhoea or a bout of diarrhoea after a long
period of normal bowel movements anything lasting longer than about 3 days I would always
say, look just seek advice. Check if there is nothing else going on that could be dealt
with as well. H: Ok. Well that’s just about all we’ve
got time for but before we go top tip from both of you. Jackie, what would you say?
B: Carry some pills along with you and always have a bottle of water with you, which I always
do and I also know if I’m going out I try to know where the toilets are.
H: Good tip, always look for the loo. A: Gosh you’ve done all the good ones, you
haven’t left me any! I was going to say actually just be prepared, you know, just
always have something at least at home and don’t under estimate how quickly diarrhoea
can dehydrate you, particularly if you are in a warm country or in summer in this country.
It’s simple, just make sure you’re getting plenty of fluids on board.
H: Jackie thanks so much for coming and Christian for all your advice.
A + B: Thank you. H: Thanks for watching we’ll see you next
time, bye bye.


Common Diarrhoea Misconceptions; Getting the Facts Straight | A Quick Guide with Dr Christian Jessen

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