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  • What would the cities look like?

  • They'd look like houses immersed in lovely gardens, with streams and waterfalls and flowers

  • and all of the things that we picture that we can't have.

  • And your home would be designed in a manner different than any process today.

  • You'll be sitting in front of a hemisphere,

  • and you'd say "I'd like a home of about 3,000 or 4,000 square feet", and it would appear.

  • And you say, "No, no. More curvilinear.", and you get more curvilinear.

  • Then your wife says, "Don't you think that the kitchen is a little too near?"

  • and the kitchen is moved while you're talking; it understands language.

  • Then you see a balcony standing over lake,

  • and you'll see a building coming in front of you.

  • And your wife might say, "How about another three feet on that balcony?"

  • And it extends, and you say, "That's what I want."

  • And you pull out a blueprint. You see?

  • No more, "I'm an architect, I'll design the house for you.", "That's not for you."

  • In other words, this is real democracy.

  • This is where you participate on the human level.

  • Now, of course, your children have a separate section in the house

  • because the toilet bowl is too big for them.

  • They'd fall in it; they can't reach the sink; the electrical outlets are dangerous.

  • It's like you, living with a batch of giants.

  • So in the children sector, everything is reduced and is changed as the children change.

  • If this isn't love, warm and humane...

  • A lot of people say that The Venus Project is a technical project

  • of computers and scientific equipment.

  • No. All scientific and technical equipment, to me,

  • is so many millions tons of junk unless it enhances the lives of people.

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What would the cities look like?


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