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Hello, this is Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist Movement
and I felt the need today to take a moment to publicly express
a few concerns regarding the incredible explosion that has emerged
across the world born out of the Occupy Wall Street initiative
that began a few weeks ago in New York City.
While the mainstream media contends to more or less ignore, criticize
and downplay the enormous growth potential and effect
this global action against the financial system is having.
(Journalist) I think if you put every single left-wing cause
into a blender and hit power, this is the sludge you'd get.
- Like Woodstock meets Burning Man; meets people with absolutely no purpose...
(PJ) The independent media has been shining as the beacon
of free speech journalism more than ever.
And the interesting thing is the more the mainstream media
continues its 'status quo preservation tactics'
the more public attention will seek out and support the independent outlets
for the power and interest in the Occupy Movement is simply not stopping.
As of October 16th, over 1500 cities in the world are now actively taking part
in what is likely the largest global action ever seen.
And I suspect many others seemingly different economic protests
currently occurring worldwide will eventually unify with
this global Occupy Movement as well.
And while peaceful protest has been a staple of this action
police brutality and violent outbreaks are unfortunately occurring in pockets
and this is something of deep concern to me.
It is one thing for all of us to give lip service to non-violence in such a situation
and it's another to be educated and strategic in your work to restrain it.
I speak not only to participants here, but also to law enforcement
and hence the government and financial powers they represent.
In the case of violence occurring within the Occupy Movement
it's critical that if you see any person beginning to act in a violent manner
you work with others to stop them in a peaceful way or make sure others
are separated and not triggered into it.
There's an important book that I recommend called
'The Crowd - A Study of the Popular Mind'
which takes great care to discuss mass-reactions.
While many of us might think we can be completely objective
and independent in our actions, the fact is
we are deeply influenced by the effects around us.
The 'mob mentality' can take hold almost subconsciously.
This is very important to recognize within yourself and others
in order to be vigilant on both fronts.
On that note, it is also critically important
law enforcement understand these dynamics as well.
If you, the police, expect the crowd not to be violent
then a concerted effort to withhold your communication of it, is required.
Just as a single rogue person can trigger an entire group
to jump onboard with violent acts
so do violent actions coming from you, the police.
The more you show violence the more likely it will generate it
and needless to say, there are many more protesters
than there are police and your weapons will be absolutely meaningless
if these mobs ever were to turn against you.
It is in your self-interest and protection to stop reacting in abusive manners.
Every time you hurt or abuse another human being
you plant the seed of permission for them to hurt and abuse you and others.
You have nothing to gain by using force and everything to lose in the end.
Now, that all aside, there's a quick point I would like to make
with regard to demands and transition.
I don't pretend to know what will occur as this movement continues to grow
but unless an informed, relevant set of demands are made
its effect will be minimal.
It is here I will speak with respect to the values of the Zeitgeist Movement
along with my personal views on how we could possibly transition
into a more humane, sustainable, balanced society.
While many within the Occupy Movement promote various reforms
of the current economic and political system
others such as the Zeitgeist Movement seek a complete overhaul.
It is not the purpose of this video to expand upon
the complete train of thought present
in the Zeitgeist Movement's observations and proposals
but suffice it to say, we seek a system based upon resource management
as the starting point of all industrial decisions, coupled with a recognition
that the efficiency enabled by our modern understandings
in science and technology will be what can provide and meet the needs
of the entire human population and create true sustainability.
The manifestation of these elements are what will comprise
what we often refer to as a Resource-Based Economic Model.
To understand the basis of this train of thought more clearly
I do suggest two books: one is called 'Critical Path' by Buckminster Fuller
and the other is called 'The Best that Money Can't Buy' by Jacque Fresco.
From there the reader should begin to see
that our current financially based economic model
is intrinsically flawed, and no regulation of this system
will likely solve the real problems we face at hand.
And if this view is accepted; the view that we need to employ
a completely different socio-economic model
to meet the needs of the human population
and become truly sustainable on the planet Earth
the question of course becomes: how do we get there?
In my personal view, the Occupy Movement could be the seed
for a transition out of the current paradigm into a new one.
By its natural evolution, the Occupy Movement has characteristics
that are very revealing with respect to the true nature of the problems at hand.
The fact that this act of contempt is occurring without borders
or in certain cases, without even respect to the political system itself
rather targeting the financial system, shows an amazing new awareness.
My first suggestion is to unify the regional movements
into a global entity through representatives
where each major region has a personal link to each other.
I believe this is starting to occur already.
Then meetings need to occur with these representatives
to plan more concerted actions
to reinforce the global unity and presence.
Secondly, a decision needs to be made as to where your main focus is:
to keep, but reform the current system
or to work to basically remove it as a whole
and obviously, there could be a transitional phase
incorporating both, as well.
Either way, these global representatives would need to prepare
a 'World Occupy Conference' at a set location for the media to digest
where reform issues are presented, hence pushing recognition
by the political establishment and the public.
In the case of reform, this is where each regional group gains recognition
and organizes themselves to be able to engage
their country-specific, governmental bodies.
In the case of complete revolution and the interest
to remove the model itself and install a totally new system
as advocated by the Zeitgeist Movement
a more radical undertaking is required.
A parallel government needs to be created.
Rather than work to get a seat at the proverbial table that exists
a new table needs to be created
and the representatives of each region are brought in
along with legal and technical teams associated.
Much detail could be explained on that, but let's leave it there, for now.
Eventually, this will create a virtual global institution
that begins to prepare the new social system
as the old system continues its operation and inevitable failure
if you understand what this system is
and how it can't resurrect itself at this point.
And once the model is defined, a mass-public awareness campaign is commenced
as this new, governing body and its work is announced.
The tipping point will come once the public begins to see the merit
of the new social proposal, hence recognizing the governing entity itself
and eventually giving it priority over the prior political establishment.
Now, what I've just thrown out here is extremely generalized
and I'm sure it raises numerous questions.
I only want to express this as a logical train of thought
in broad strokes of how maybe, true global revolution could occur
and hence plant this seed of possibility and organization.
Countless people have been talking about change
for a long period of time and my question to you is:
are you really prepared to do what it takes
to actually get the change done?
If you would like to learn more about the Zeitgeist Movement
please visit www.thezeitgeistmovement.com and also know
that we have over 1000 chapters across 70 countries at this time
working in tandem to create
the type of social change that I have just described.
So, if you'd like to become a part of the movement
please go to the movement site, click on the country
and go and find a chapter in your region or create one.
Thank you for listening.


Peter Joseph: Message to Occupy Wall Street & The World | The Zeitgeist Movement

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