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[Lilly thinking] I have no clue who the hell these people are.
Thank you so much for coming in guys,
I know it's early, 8am start time.
Ugh, I should have become an entrepreneur, open a
sandwich shop or something.
Better turnout than last week.
So how was your kid's birthday?
Huh, this meeting could have been an email.
Why don't we just take a look at these numbers, hmm?
And you'll see that we are
I don't care. I don't care.
Ugh God, Kevin is so hot, I would totally violate HR to
get a piece of that.
Way down this quarter. Way down.
Don't yawn, don't yawn!
Okay, quick, scratch your nose to hide it.
Why don't we just put a pin in that?
Let's put a pin in your face.
But you're probably used to that from all the botox.
Kind of atrocious, don't you think?
Why. Are. You. Still talking?
OK. Thanks. - I'll make a note of that.
I'm so hungry.
I'm literally gonna die.
Look at this pie chart.
Let's circle up on that.
Circle of pie.
What's next on the agenda?
Mmmm...agenda of pie.
Um, I should probably say something.
I think we should just take a step back
and really focus on the core of the issue.
That sounds great.
Nice work.
Nailed it.
Let's discuss duties.
Hmph, duties.
And individual processes.
Hahaha, sissies.
Sounds great.
I say 'great' too often.
No, let me try a different word.
Fine, F you guys.
Don't draw a Venn Diagram. Don't draw a Venn Diagram.
Goddammit, it's a Venn Diagram!
Haha, it looks like two boobs pressed together.
Ha, look at Mark, he loves it.
What a perv.
Nod, Nod, Nod.
Quick, underline something.
(woman typing)
What the F are you typing?
Live events?
Since when do we do live events?
I. Will. Kill. You. And. Your. Family.
I swear to God if someone says distribution
one more time, I will lose it!
That way our distribution model can shift.
Stop. Stop.
Because right now our distribution model doesn't account for a spike.
Stop it. Stop it!
(fast paced, high intensity music)
I will distribute my foot into your tight butthole!
You entitled piece of crap!
Lilly? Lilly!
Lilly, Lilly?
What do you think?
Um, sounds swell?
So it's agreed then?
We all start two hours earlier on Mondays?
Good job, moron.
I'm going to key her car.
"The office needs more diversity" they said.
What up with ya girl, Superwoman!
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Other than that, make sure you subscribe
because I make new videos every
Monday and Thursday.
One love Superwoman,
that is a wrap, and zoop!


会議の時って何を考えてる?(What I'm Actually Thinking During Meetings)

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Charo Wen 2017 年 8 月 31 日 に公開    Tomomi Shima 翻訳    Kana kawai チェック
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