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In this video, we're going to share our top ten Google search techniques
that will help you Google like a pro and find exactly what you're looking for in the minimum amount of time.
Tip 1.
How to search for an exact phrase or quote.
If you want to identify the source of a quote or phrase,
or exclude any website that doesn't include the exact phrase you're looking for,
then simply place the search terms in quotation marks.
If I copy and paste a line from Plato's republic without quotation marks,
you'll notice that Google actually recommends a different wording and provides over 4,000,000 search results.
If I add the quotation marks,
we suddenly narrow that down to just seven results and can now identify the correct translation.
This is perfect for referencing.
Tip 2.
How to exclude a word from search results.
If you want to prevent a certain word from appearing in search results,
simply place a dash or minus symbol directly before the word you wish to omit.
For example, we want to search for "bass" whilst preventing all "bass fishing" related searches from appearing.
We can type "bass competition" followed by -fish, - fishing, and -speaker
to remove all those millions of unwanted search results that have nothing to do with playing bass guitar
Similarly, if you're interested in a news item, you can remove certain news sources entirely using this technique.
Tip 3.
How to search for a phrase or quote with missing words.
Simply use an asterisk as a place holder for all missing words.
Just yesterday I was recommended a book on philosophy called something like,
"a little something something philosophy".
But when I entered it in Google, it doesn't find the correct book.
Simply type "a little asterisk asterisk philosophy",
and Google returns the correct results based on the placeholders
Tip 4.
How to perform a reverse image search.
Go to images.google.com,
and then click either the camera icon to upload an image from your computer,
or you can find an image hosted online.
Right click on it and choose copy image url and paste it into the search field.
The first page of results will display images that are similar or related to your original,
and to find matching images,
click search by image to display exact matches.
This is a great way to find the origin of a specific image
as mousing over each thumbnail displays the url of the page on which it appears
Tip 5.
Search within a single website.
One of Google's most useful features especially for researchers is it's ability to search within a single website.
To search within a single site, simply enter your search term followed by site:url.
For example,
Thomas Payne site:archive.org
this returns only those pages on archive.org relevant to the search query,
where you can find his complete works as a PDF.
Tip 6.
How to search for similar websites.
If you've found a website that you really like,
you can type "related:url" and Google will do it's best to find websites that are related to the one entered.
Whilst this doesn't guarantee equally excellent content,
it does save time finding similar sites.
Tip 7.
Search for a cache version of a website.
Have you ever gone back to re-read something posted on a website only to find that it's been removed or changed?
Type "cache:" followed by the url to find the last cache: version of the site.
Which may contain material that has been deleted or updated since.
The frequency with which the website is updated and it's popularity will determine how often Google cache's the website.
But often the cache version can be weeks or even months older than the current version.
Tip 8.
Search for a specific file type.
Google allows you to search for a particular file type by typing "filetype:" followed by the file type extension.
For example, pdf, ppt, doc, or xls.
This is an incredibly useful tool if you want material published in any of these formats.
By searching for a pdf over a regular website,
you're likely to be able to find academic essays, reports, entire books, and much else of interest,
likewise, searching for a ppt file would yield hundreds of powerpoint presentations
that often contain the information in a distilled form from sources such as universities.
Tip 9.
How to only display results that include the search term in the page title.
To perform a search that only returns the pages with your search term as their title,
just type "intitle:" then your search term.
Tip 10.
Search Google without using Google and protect your privacy.
Lastly, if you want to use all the benefits of Google's excellent search results
but are concerned about your privacy,
then try startpage.com.
Startpage delivers Google search results without recording your IP address or placing tracking cookies in your browser
as well as using SSL encryption to ensure your ISP can't record what you do online.
If this tutorial's been helpful, please share it with others, thumbs up and subscribe for more epic tutorials.
Thanks for watching and check our channel for more.


How To Google Like A Pro! Top 10 Google Search Tips & Tricks

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