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  • A fearless girl finds herself in an enchanted castle.

  • with the cursed prince in Disney's

  • 'Beauty and the Beast'

  • Emma Watson and Dan Stevens

  • who play Belle and the Beast

  • are going to help me break down all the things

  • to get excited for.

  • Number one reason

  • that audiences will love the new Beauty and the Beast?

  • It's true to the original

  • but you get great to depth and we just...

  • bring it to life.

  • bring it to life!

  • Is everything here alive?

  • What's your name?

  • That is a hair brush.

  • Belle has been my favorite ever since I was a little girl.

  • The special thing about Belle is that

  • she has this kind of inner strength.

  • I'm not afraid.

  • Oh you're very strong.

  • People are quick to judge the Beast

  • because the way he looks.

  • Show me the smile!

  • She reconnecting to the better part of himself

  • It's important for people to remember

  • that's somewhere inside them.

  • What was your guys' favorite scene to film?

  • The wolves.

  • - I was gonna say. - The wolves.

  • It's one of those really beautiful moments

  • where you get to see Beast involved falling in love.

  • They're so cute.

A fearless girl finds herself in an enchanted castle.


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