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15 Signs You Are Highly Intelligent
Not just book smart- Intelligent people are aware that some things can't be learned in
school or by reading a book.
While good grades and a high GPA is a good indicator of being smart, there are other
ways to measure intelligence that doesn’t involve tests, teachers or homework.
Most of people’s intelligence is set through first-hand learning and experience in the
real world.
Exhibiting logic, working memory, abstract reasoning and a willingness to learn is the
way to being street smart in settings outside of the classroom.
Smart people are always ready to face the world around them and tackle each day with
a need to learn more.
You understand how much you don’t know- The smartest ones have no trouble admitting
when they don’t know something or are unfamiliar with a certain concept.
This is because there are always new things to learn each and every day.
Intelligent people are always willing to learn from others to expand their knowledge.
They are open to talking to meeting with people and learning new things from them.
Smart people are cumulative, meaning many things can expand your brain power which taking
in other people’s opinions and critics, finding opportunities and searching for answers.
You have insatiable curiosity- Those who have a hungry mind and are curious about the world
around them usually have higher levels of knowledge acquisition and intellectual investment
over time.
Curiosity leads to questions and the need to solve them.
Not only does it keep your mind active and observant to new ideas, but it opens up new
doors to possibilities.
Most people would say curiosity killed the cat but instead for some people it actually
nourishes them.
In fact, most of the greatest inventions stemmed from human interest, anything from electricity
to Apple’s ipads were inspired by curiosity.
You’re open minded- Smart people don’t easily close themselves off to new visions
or suggestions.
Intelligent people are usually open and willing to consider and look at another idea with
They are open to alternative solutions and like to live outside the box.
They embrace opposing views and look at things in a different angle.
They also accept that there is also more than one correct answer to things.
Intelligent people like to look at all possible scenarios and are eager to know more.
You’re skeptical-People of high intelligence will always draw skepticism, and it’s not
because they have a negative viewpoint about something.
It’s because they always want to test out different theories and answers to generate
new ideas or concepts that are supported by facts and evidence.
As counteractive as it sounds, skepticism is linked to open-mindedness due to the need
for cognition and knowledge.
Being skeptical not only challenges one’s learning critique, but it allows people to
brainstorm and communicate about different concepts.
You ask good questions- It’s true what they say, there are no wrong or dumb questions
as asking questions gives us an opportunity to learn.
However, intelligent people know there is a huge difference between asking questions
and asking the right questions.
People with high intelligence ask thought provoke questions that challenges, disputes
as well as provides answers.
Asking questions that test your way of thinking and your beliefs can help you visualize new
solutions to difficult problems.
You’re highly adaptable- Intelligent people are flexible and can adapt in different settings
regardless of restrictions and complications that arise.
Intelligence stems from your behavior in a way that thrives in any environment to actually
cope with various changes.
Being able to adapt increases your chances of being able to communicate better with those
around you openly.
It makes you a valuable asset in your professional career, but you’ll also be able to bounce
back quickly from any adversity.
So whether you’re in a classroom or a new work place, your knowledge has no barriers
and you can work well wherever you are.
You tend to be self-critical- Much like an inner voice in their head, intelligent people
tend to argue with themselves and will critique their own work heavily and in a harsh way.
They want to eliminate mistakes and make sure that they’re doing the best they can.
Smart people will always question themselves to double check that they have done things
correctly and are very critical of their own flaws.
People with high intelligence are usually hard on themselves if they find themselves
struggling and will always find ways in which they can progress.
You like to stay informed- Part of the reason intelligent people are so smart is that they
like to stay apprised of the world around them.
There are many ways to stay informed.
Whether it’s keeping up with the news and exploring different media outlets, reading,
and exploring a variety of topics like politics, science, history, philosophy or word of mouth
there’s an unlimited amount of sources to resort to!
You’re a worrier- If you worry a ton, don’t pay no mind because your anxiety is just another
sign of your high intelligence.
A troubled mind is a searching mind, which is always alert and active!
People of high intelligence examine every single possible solution or outcome, whether
it’s good or bad.
They will often replay scenarios in their head to prepare themselves for what happens
An imaginative mind runs wild and intelligent people will have a realistic take on their
future to arm themselves for alternative solutions in case a disaster strikes.
You hang out with others who are creative- Whether it’s academic smart or street smart,
intelligent people hang out with others who are also smart because it keeps the creative
juices flowing.
Obviously, if you want to be the next David Beckham, then you are going to train yourself
with other athletes and work out with a coach.
The same goes for smart people!
Not only do they learn from one another but they mentor each other as well challenge one
They also motivate each other, and in the long run, it helps you be the best person
you can be.
You value the concept of time- People with high intelligence use their time wisely, and
they won’t allow disturbances or distractions to waste their time when working on projects.
Even if they don’t have an immediate solution, smart people understand what is helpful and
what it isn’t when working on something.
Highly intelligent individuals avoid wasting time by looking at other alternatives and
are aware that pointless mental unrest will only lead to negativity.
They manage their time wisely and are considerate of breaks to allow themselves to recharge.
You’re sensitive to other people’s emotions- Although they aren’t psychic, intelligent
people can almost sense what someone is feeling or thinking.
Emotional intelligence among smart people is ranked higher than the average person due
to being in tune and aware of other people’s feelings.
Intelligent people are typically engaged and interested in meeting new people and listening
to what they have to say, as well as learning about them.
So smart people are open and tend to be empathic to other people.
You’re a night owl- Intelligent people are more likely to be night owls; they stay up
late at night and also exhibit disturbed sleep patterns.
Smart people might experience trouble sleeping because their mind is always awake and intelligent
individuals might also find that they work better at night.
Study Magazine reported in their findings that people with a high IQ that’s over 125
sleep around 12:30 to 8am on weekdays and sleep 2 am to 11 am on weekends.
The possibilities and creativity are endless at night so choosing to stay up later is just
as fruitful as getting up in the early morning.
You’re an introvert- A lot of people with high intelligence value time spent being alone
and having peace and quiet.
Smart people prefer to work solitary and focus on their projects without the hassle of distractions
to interrupt them.
In fact, some of the world’s top inventors were known to be introverts.
This included the creator of Google, Larry Page; creator of Microsoft, Bill Gates and
famous physicist Albert Einstein.
Intelligent introverts thrive well in undisturbed settings, and they need their own space to
brainstorm, think and work.


15 Signs You're HIGHLY Intelligent!

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