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- This is big news.
We recently became--this is true.
The first american talk show to air in china.
That has happened.
[cheers and applause]
Ni hao!
Ni hao!
Ni hao, y'all.
It's basically the same show.
but it'll have subtitles.
and it will be called ''The happy lady dance hour.''
The show is streaming online on SOHU.com.
This is the website right there.
You can see me with some people.
That I don't know how we all blend together.
But that's ---that's what they're doing.
It's exciting, because over a billion people are in China.
so to all my new viewers.
Don't forget to visit the Ellen shop online.
We've got all your favorite products.
We have---we have these sunglasses right here.
These are mede in China, so you know they're good.
[cheers and applause]
Ni hao!
Ni hao!
That's all I know right now, is 'Ni hao.'
But I want to --- I really want to learn more chinese now. MORE CHINESE NOW.
That's my goal.
and I want to personally welcome my new Chinese audience.
by reading all of your name in the air.
so all you have to do is write your name on a piece of paper.
That looks like this.
and you can send it to this address.
So I look forward to the names.
and learning how to pronounce them.


【エレンの部屋】中国の視聴者の「投稿」を呼びかける ('Ellen' Is in China)

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