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  • Hey guys!

  • Happy new year! Happy 2013!

  • We all made it, we're all alive, I told you

  • -We already knew that -Okay

  • -Move on -Okay

  • Anyway

  • One of my new year's resolution is not to only post more on my first channel

  • But to post more on this channel as well

  • Actually I keep forgetting this is my second channel

  • And there's actually a lot of videos that I never posted

  • I figured why not, you're gonna start to see a lot more...

  • Including random vlogs, and random skits, and jokes that never made it on my first channel...

  • don't be alarmed

  • Be...a a little alarmed...

  • But not...don't be...

  • What?

  • So this video you're about to see is actually one of the hugest collaboration of 2012

  • I don't know if you guys already saw it but it's called YouTube's Rewind...

  • ...2012

  • And I know I don't really do those daily blog things a lot, because I...find them....

  • Well I think you guys will find them boring

  • But this one is actually a lot of fun to film 'cause I got to work with my good friends like Smosh, and Freddie Wang, and...

  • And...well, you will see

  • Check it out

  • Or not, you can click away now...

  • You should probably, just stay this long already and this is the most boring part

  • And there's a suprise in the end

  • Just check it out, you're already here

  • We're about to shoot the end of the year video, this is gonna be crazy

  • -We're here -Nice

  • Higa Visits YouTube Rewind 2012

  • So we're here, at YouTube, live

  • Look they got their own helicopter that probably doesn't work

  • I didn't come to the grand opening like everyone else, 'cause I was...

  • At home with my friends...these guys...

  • We're doing like, important stuffs, such as...

  • Playing...Halo 3?

  • No! Call of Duty

  • More important than Halo

  • What are you doing?

  • Press the button

  • See the web cam, you have have to vlog to get in

  • Dude,I have to vlog

  • Hey guys I'm Ryan Higa, I'm here

  • I film with the same thing

  • -It seems all it is(?) -Not too much

  • (YouTube Space)

  • When is it, like available, to start using it?

  • As soon as Wednesday(?)

  • -Oh really? -Yeah

  • (Restricted Area)

  • (Hair and Makeup)

  • I like day light, nobody really knows what I really look like

  • Then I'm on the moon

  • Are you staying for the dancing?

  • -I guess so, I dunno... -Good

  • How's going man?

  • -That's awsome! -I know

  • Give me a hand

  • -Did I get it? -Switch it

  • -It's a wrap -Alright

  • -Are you stweating? -So tired

  • -You're a little wet -A little bit

  • Feel's the end of very long...hard day of shooting...

  • We started at 8, now it's 10

  • It's 2 hours?

  • You guys like how cool the YouTube Space looks like

  • Get ready to see a lot of videos coming out of there

  • Because Imma take advantage of that place, but...

  • Until then, see you guys later

  • Hun?

  • Subtitles by WTF

Hey guys!


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