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  • Stockholm – A “GreenCity

  • How is Stockholm different from the cities in our country?

  • Listen to the reading.

  • It’s now 8 a.m. in Stockholm.

  • Most people are riding bikes to work.

  • Others are going on foot or taking a bus.

  • All the traffic lights are LEDs.

  • Everything is modern and eco-friendly.

  • Of all the cities in Europe, Stockholm is the one that won the name as thegreenestcity in 2010.

  • People in Stockholm go green in the following ways.

  • Green houses collect rain water for gardens, and their electricity comes from garbage.

  • Car drivers that use biogas can park first in the city.

  • This gas is made from waste water.

  • Now, over three-quarters of Stockholm’s cars and buses run on biogas.

  • If going green is what people are looking for, then Stockholm is surely a good living example.

  • Stockholm hopes to use only green energy by 2020.

  • What’s more, all of its cars and trains will run below ground.

  • This will leave more space for people and nature above ground.

  • That way, people and nature will not be far away from each other any more.

  • Maybe all the other cities should follow Stockholm’s example and try to make going green their habit, too.

Page 96 Reading


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