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  • World Oceans Day

  • Why are oceans so important? How can we protect them?

  • Listen to the reading.

  • Have you ever heard of World Oceans Day (WOD)?

  • The idea of WOD came from a meeting at the United Nations (UN) in 1992.

  • It’s not a public holiday, but people around the world now celebrate this special day every year on June 8.

  • Oceans cover 70% of our planet.

  • They used to be rich in fish and plants, but now they are facing the greatest dangers in history: garbage, oil spills and overfishing.

  • These problems have caused a much lower number of ocean fish and plants.

  • If we don’t make a change, a lot of sea life will be gone soon.

  • To save our oceans, we celebrate WOD.

  • On this special day, we can join events like beach cleanups.

  • We can also hold movie festivals to teach the public about the beauty of our oceans.

  • Through these WOD events, we can learn a lot about oceans and start to care about our Earth.

  • By celebrating WOD, we can make our oceans not only cleaner but also more beautiful.

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