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  • Blue Cheese

  • How do people eat blue cheese?

  • Listen to the reading.

  • Many Taiwanese are scared of eating blue cheese because of its dark blue dots.

  • However, its strong taste and smell make it popular with many Americans.

  • Let’s find out some interesting facts about blue cheese.

  • Blue cheese has been around since the ninth century.

  • People found it inside a cave in Italy by chance.

  • They tried it and they were surprised at its great taste.

  • Later, they decided to make blue cheese for themselves.

  • They started to use cow’s, sheep’s, or goat’s milk to make blue cheese.

  • As for the ways to eat blue cheese, people enjoy eating it alone or with other foods.

  • Sometimes they like to eat it with other foods because of its flavor.

  • For example, blue cheese goes best with pizza, baked pears, hamburgers and salad with lemon pieces.

  • After reading these interesting facts about blue cheese, do you want to give it a try?

  • You may like it yourself.

Page 20 Reading


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