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Now, you might think that since I'm making a part 2 of this, I must get recognized a whole lot
like I'm some sort of celebrity or something...
What actually happens, is that...
...I'm awkward, and I don't want to speak for everyone, but chances are, you're awkward, too.
So when I do get recognized, we're both being awkward. Together.
And that stuff makes for great videos.
Once you get to MY level of YouTube fame, whenever I go out in public, I always have a thought in the back of my mind:
"I wonder if any of these people have seen me pour sprinkles over my shirtless body?"
I especially get worried when I see my target demographic in public...
...Little boys.
This might be paranoia, or anxiety..
But I swear, sometimes little boys...
Will stare at me for an uncomfortable amount of time.
And I'm just trying my best NOT to make eye contact.
You know, I don't really have any defining physical characteristics that make me stand out.
As of right now, little boys have to look at me and think:
"Is that tall, white, dirty blond hair, early 20 year old beta male that one youtuber I like?
Or am I just imagining things?"
It's funny I call myself "TheOdd1sOut", when I'm part of like.. no minorities.
I mean I might get nervous around little boys..
But when I DO get recognized it's the highlight of my day.
So I don't know what I'm worried about.
I should just wear a shirt that says:
"HEY!!!...I'm TheOdd1sOut."
So one time I went to Walmart and I was buying a bunch of whoopee cushions for my April Fool's video,
and as I was walking down the aisle I saw this little boy at the
other end walking towards me and his face just lit up and I thought, "Oh this
kid knows this is happening, ladies and gentlemen here we go!"
"Are you James?" "whoo?" and I walked off I'm just kidding I mean I did say "whoo" but I
didn't walk away, I was just, I was just messing with the kid it's probably
really weird for that kid to see a YouTuber in Walmart buying nothing but
whoopie cushions, so that was fun. This other time I was buying supplies for my
3,000,000 sprinkle video and I ended up going to three different stores, "Hey do
you guys have an inflatable pool?" "Yeah what size do you need?" "Um, enough to fit
three million sprinkles..." "What are you using it for?" "I need it for a thing."
So after I finished my important business errands I felt a little hungry so I
decided to buy some pre-made food. I work hard DANG IT! I deserve it and I decided
to go eat at Zupas. Zupas is a pretty good restaurant, they have sandwiches and
soup and they give you a chocolate-covered strawberry with every
order. I'm telling you this because I want them to
sponsor me. I went up to the counter and there was this employee that said, "Hey
man what's up?" And this is going to be a bit of a tangent but I just want to say
that I absolutely LOOOVE that kind of employee. It's SOOO much better than those
fake fast-food employees, do you know the ones I'm talking about? Like every time I
pull up into a chick-fil-a drive-through there will be an employee that will say
"It's always a great day at chick-fil-a! My name is Mackenzie. How may I serve you?"
And I just want to say "Mackenzie, Mackenzie, Mackenzie, Mackenzie. I came
here yesterday and Bryan said the exact same thing. I know your manager told you
to say that. Look, neither of us want to be here okay?
No one says 'It'S a gReaT dAy At CHicK-Fil-A', okay, that's so dumb. So stop
lying to me and give me the usual. Like I would much rather have a fast-food
employee just say *punches wall* "What you want?!?" Okay maybe not that rude but you get the
point. So now there's a random guy who works at
Zupas who doesn't even know I put him in a YouTube video but I like his work
ethic. Treat me like a person and not like a customer. Anyway, tangent
over. I ordered some soup and a sandwich. Cool. I go up to the cash register, my
soup is ready, but my sandwich wasn't. The girl said "Did you get anything else or
just soup?" I said "No I got a sandwich too." I paid for the food but the sandwich
still wasn't ready. I checked my phone, looked at Twitter. By now the sandwich
was done. The girl took the sandwich and the soup and a chocolate-covered
strawberry and put it in a plastic box doggy bag thing. I was super hungry.
I thought the transaction was done, so I grabbed a box and start sliding it
towards me. Then she took out a plastic bag and said
"Oh, do you want in a bag?" and I thought "Yeah. I do." So I slid the food back over,
and as this girl was putting the food
in the bag she yelled,
And I was NOT ready
for that. "Oh hey, I mean, mean WHOOOooOoOoOoO?
She said, "Did you come here because of my email?"
*James whispering* "You've sent an email?"
So that was pretty fun all. The other employees were like, "Wait, this
guy's important?"
There's a high chance that this woman is watching this video
right now and I looked up her email and her name is Scarlett, isn't that a nice
So Scarlett, if you're watching,
can you tell your coworker I like his work ethic?
Also, can you hook me up with free Zubaz? I never really understood how
people could get nervous talking to me. I'm just some 21 year old who likes M&Ms
and drawing cartoons for the Internet. I've always thought of myself as a
pretty normal guy. At least I never understood that sort of nervousness
until I met carlsagan42.
I recently got into this game called Mario Maker (good game) which
is a game where you can make your own Mario levels and share
them with the world via the Internet.
I wanted to find some Mario Maker let's
players that were one: good at the game and two: weren't screaming every 10
which is actually a lot harder to find and you might think. But, I went
searching and I found these three let's players who mostly play Mario Maker and,
they're "all right" at the game. I mean they're only a little better than me. (jealous much?)
If one of my videos gets delayed, you could probably thank these three because
I'm watching their videos instead of working.
Also, this is going to sound
weird, but every morning after I wake up at 12,
I pour myself a bowl of cereal and
I watch one of their videos so I start my day off with my Mario Maker Boys. (MMB)
Anyway, one of the let's players, "carlsagan42"
carlsagan42: "Mushruuuum!"
was going to Phoenix Comic-Con,
which was great because I was also going to Phoenix Comic Con.
I didn't have
a panel or anything. I just went with Jaiden and her friends, and we just
walked around.
Comic-Con was a lot of fun. I met up with a lot of people,
I even got
recognized at sooooubaway. One of the workers knew me
There's this room where you
could play video games, and I went up to this one kid playing Super Smash
and I said "Alright dude, let's do this!" And he said, "I feel like I know
you from somewhere."
"Huh, okay". and then I totally wiped the floor
with him with Kirby, and he was like twelve years old, so I had a fun time at
the con, but I also wanted to meet Carl. Now Carl wasn't going to the con because
of his Mario Maker skillzzzz, but rather he was going because he's actually a
scientist who studies vaccines and plants, and he was going to talk about that.
So on Friday, after doing some stalking on Twitter, I found out that he had a panel
at 9 p.m.
Leading up to the panel, I realized that I was getting my
information off a tweet and not from the official Comic Con handbook, so I didn't
even know if I was going to the correct panel
When 9 p.m. rolled around, I walked
into the room Carl said he was having his panel. I saw a group of 5 people
sitting on a stage,
but I didn't see Carl. *sighs* "Guess he's not here.
(Look back, James.)
That's the guy I like!
The one in the wig!" (Spongebob's wig is better)
As I listened to his panel, I kept telling myself that Carl was just a
normal person like me, he plays Mario, I make cartoons, I shouldn't be nervous to
talk to him.
Why am I like this? (Nervousness, duh)
The panel was great. Everyone enjoyed it except for
this one woman, who I think was "anti-vaccine". Once it was done, the
panelists stayed around for a couple of minutes, and I went up to Carl and I said
Hey, I really like your Mario Maker steams."
And since he talked about
vaccines, I showed him this comic I made back in 2014, which I will read now
"Hey folks! Are you tired of hearing this? 'Can you believe
all the horrible things doctors put in vaccines? There's no way I'm vaccinating
MY child! Well suffer no longer with the ANTI-ANTI VACCINE! (AAV) The Anti-Anti Vaccine
will stop anyone from thinking vaccines are harmful, or cause autism!' And then he
injects the Anti-Anti Vaccine into the person, and then he flops over.
'Is he okay?'
'No he's dead!'
Vaccinate your relatives TODAY!'"
It's dark, yes, but Carl liked it,
and he even said that AAV is a name of a virus. So vaccines actually a virus,
actually vaccines are viruses. So the anti-vaccine lady was behind me and I
think she wanted to talk to Carl, so I said,
"Okay, (whispers) I love you. BYE!" and I left Carl
to deal with her.
Some of you might be wondering why I didn't say
"Oh, also Carl, by the way, I have 3 million subscribers on YouTube." ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Well, because I think that's rude.
And I didn't want to flex TOO HARD. I mean, if he did ask about my sub count,
I totally would have told him, but I don't know I just didn't want to brag.
I tell you the story because I understand that people might get anxiety talking to
someone they look up to.
And just because I have more subs than someone, doesn't
mean I won't get nervous talking to them. Senpais can have senpais, too.
I wonder who Carl senpai is. Then two days later,
I tweeted out to him and he followed me
back and we're BFFs now. Now guys, don't embarrass me in front of Karl, okay?
Don't just go to his channel and comment "Who's here because of the
Because no one cares, alright? If you have to comment, comment,
"Wow great video Karl!
You're an awesome person when it comes to Mario.
You just jumped right into my heart."
And also you can check out the other two that I
They're, they're pretty good too.
So in conclusion, is it cool to be
Will I ever get tired of it?
Who knows?
Oh man, I finished another video. I hope Karl doesn't think I'm weird, I mean
I am a little weird.
Karl you have weird fans. Also, the other two streamers Ryu
and POO, I want to meet them as well. I just want
to say that for the rest of this month and the next month I'm going to be super
busy, I have a lot of trips planned out, one of them being VidCon, which I'm super
excited for, so sorry if there's a long time until the next video.
Also another
thing, I want to thank my friend FootofaFerret for making the part of the
video, where I read off my vaccinate comic, so that's why it looked like an
episode of Game Theory.
I feel like this could be a new tradition at the end of
every video, just "who helped James make THIS video?" (Don't forget us subtitles for the peeps who do put them on :D
Also yesterday was my 5 year
anniversary of when I posted my first comic on the Internet, so thank you for
-five amazing years- of making content.
Okay that's all. Good night everyone
and as always, "That's just a theory. A GAME THEORY! Thanks for watching, and wear
your seatbelt. (Subtitles mostly by NinjaMobsterRJ3 he so cool, wow, and the community as well.)


Getting Recognized part 2

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