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How was the training, like for this, like, I understand that there's a little bit like a DC...
Very intensive. It was... it was very intensive.
So I was prepping for this one five, six months before we started to shoot this movie.
I probably everyday I worked out for about six hours.
I did two hours of gym, doing a lot of weights and, you know, making my body bigger.
- A lot of eating, I would've imagined. - A lot of eating. - But not like fun eating.
It was fun at the beginning. Like, you know, they cooked for you and everything is super delicious.
But after, I would say after few weeks, you were so over the food and it becomes a task.
Urh, chicken again... eggs, urh...
But it was a... it's a good problem to have.
Yeah. Does it when you're in that kind of shape, like Wonder Woman shape, does it change the way you walk around in the world?
Do you feel more confident off set?
I feel stronger. It changed my posture, honestly, for sure.
But you just feel better, you feel stronger.
I started this journey, um you know they cast me when I was super skinny.
And I never knew what it... how it feels to be... you know, to be built.
And to be really, really strong. And it felt really good.
You had, um, one daughter while you're shooting this, right?
Did she see you in the full Wonder Woman costume?
Oh, she seen me on Batman versus Superman, on Wonder Woman, on Justice League.
She's like, super, she doesn't care.
She doesn't care at all!?
No, it's like coming to visit mommy on set, she cares more about the crafty and what's, what's the snacks.
Um... and not so... in the beginning she might have been, you know, impressed by it.
But now she got... she totally got used to it.
She gets...so she understands what you're doing? When she sees you on like a bus or a billboard, and she's like, 'Mommy, I get it'.
Um hum, yeah.
That's kind of cool.
I think it's, um you know, it's healthy. We don't make a big deal out of it in the house.
We don't go like 'Hey, look at me! It's mommy!'.
I'm like it's random and when she sees it then it's nice and it's sweet.
'Cause if she sees dolls or figures of Wonder Woman, she'll go 'Mom, Wonder Woman', she wouldn't even yell, she would whisper to me.



[英語で聞いてみよう] ガル・ガドット ワンダーウーマンへ (How Gal Gadot Transformed Her Body for "Wonder Woman" | E! Live from the Red Carpet)

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