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- (groans in disgust) It's weird, no!
What's up, it's Collins Key
and welcome to the Thursday vlog.
Now for today's video I need my little brother, Devan,
to join me, but right now I think I heard him in the kitchen
so I'm gonna try to make him teleport here.
So let's see how this goes.
Hey! (laughing)
I think the milk came out of your nose or something, right?
All right guys, well this is my little bro,
my younger brother. (laughing)
You guys might not know this already but
as I made him appear and teleport here, I'm crying.
He requested not to be called my little brother.
He wanted to be called my younger.
So I'm calling my younger brother, Devan.
He hates the cereal, too. (laughs)
It's our second time filming the intro.
And he hates the cereal so much. (laughs)
So for today's video, (laughs)
- [Narrator] A few moments later.
- Now that we've collected ourselves,
for today's video we are going to
be testing female products.
Now Devan and I, we are guys,
we do not know about female products.
So a friend of ours, her name is Lindsay,
she went out to the store, got a whole bunch of
crazy female products.
Do people say that, crazy female products.
So today we're gonna be trying to figure out what they are
and then actually testing them on ourselves.
If you want me to do another video with Devan
where we test out a whole bunch of crazy products,
let us know by liking this video.
And if this video gets enough thumbs up then Devan and I
will make another video where we test out crazy products
just like this.
One more thing, I'm doing a ton of fan calls this Sunday,
so if you guys want me to call you, FaceTime you,
talk with you, all you have to do is just
download the link in the description.
It's a link for a live streaming app,
'cause I'm partnering with Live.me.
I'm gonna be calling as many of you guys as I possibly can.
The app is free and if you download it right now
you'll have an even better chance of me calling you.
And I also wanted to let you guys know
I'm doing a huge giveaway.
I'm giving away a MacBook this month.
So if you guys want to win that let me know
by liking this video.
Comment down below, what is your favorite video
that's ever been posted on this channel?
And, of course, you must be subscribed to this channel.
- Subscribe.
- Without any further ado, whaddaya say Devan,
right now (laughs) your mouth is just totally full.
We are gonna be jumping right into the video,
so let's do it.
Devan, what do you have to say?
All right, first product here we go.
- What are those?
- It looks just like fun.
Is it like a grip strength thing?
'Cause this thing is so weak.
Okay, so now we're reading the box
'cause we can not figure out what this thing is.
Let's see, what?
It's a facial hair remover!
- Oh no.
- Oh my gosh, this thing is horrifying!
- The heck?
It hurts, holy cow.
I was not expecting that level of grip all at once.
I just lost all my manhood, that sucked.
We don't like this. - No.
- This is a major ow, my chin is still in pain.
People use this?
- Why are you asking me, I don't know!
- People use this!
- [Both] For your pores?
- Deep cleansing pore strips.
So what's the point of this?
I guess it just cleans your pores.
We are cleaning our pores.
Do they do anything?
- Oh, so clean.
- Ow, I hit my knee.
Adhesive bra, how does this work?
Lost one!
What is an adhesive bra?
It's weird!
It's weird!
It feels weird!
(groans in disgust)
Wait. Oh.
- How do you puff these up so much?
- It's called working out, Devan, okay?
Let me feel yours. - Is that the answer?
- Yours is rather deflated, mine's nice.
Mine's nice and firm.
Don't touch me like that, it feels weird!
- Now time to peel it off. - Okay let me see.
- Ow.
- Let me see it.
Here we go.
Now it's time to peel 'em off.
So we got one right there.
- Ow!
- All right, so these things were just ridic.
Let's help you put on your head.
Dude, you just hit my mirror!
Hold on, I gotta show you guys this.
I'm gonna take a selfie with my Snapchat right now.
If you guys haven't added me on Snapchat yet
you might as well go do that right now.
But are you ready for this, Devan?
So we're gonna leave that one up there for right now,
let me see if I can stick this one to the wall.
Are you ready? - No!
- Why is it so colorful?
- There's a bit of tape so I'm gonna open it.
- All right.
It's like a diaper?
- Oh. Got it. Yeah. - These are pads, right?
I think?
This absorbs 10 times its weight.
That's an impressive statistic right there.
- I don't think I'm gonna try this one on, though.
- Do you want to use it as an arm band?
- What?
- Yo, I'm not saying this is a new fashion trend
or anything but...
Absorbs 10 times its weight.
- You should put it in your armpit.
So it absorbs all your armpit sweat.
- Yeah, who needs deodorant when
you've got one of these things?
- Okay.
- What is this?
- Whoa.
That looks interesting.
- Yes, to say the least.
- Really interesting.
- Yeah. It does.
Any guesses?
- It says Bed Head Rock 'n' Roller.
Does this mean if you get funky bed head?
- Funky bed head.
- You just roll it out?
I think you need to plug it in.
- All right, so this thing, apparently, is a hair product.
(funky techno music)
- Like that.
- Yup. And then spiral.
- Yay. It worked.
Super blender. - Oh!
- So it probably has to do with makeup.
- Makeup.
It's like a stress reliever ball, too.
- Yeah.
- You can squeeze it if you get mad.
What if you eat it?
- Why would you eat that?
- I don't know!
(hacking and laughter)
Right as you did that the boob just fell too.
- [Both] Oh!
- All right, we can do these.
These are-- - Let's do it!
- These are nail gel fantasy. - Gels.
- Dude, look it, that does not fit my thumb.
- Bro, we can make it work.
- Devan's going to apply to my thumb first.
Don't do too much, it will never come off!
No, that's so much!
- I think I did this the wrong way.
Wait, it doesn't stick.
- It doesn't?
- Oh, wait. Hold up.
- Is it sticking?
- [Both] Hey! - It sticks.
- It kinda works!
It's so weird.
All right, now it's time to take it off.
Dude! It's stuck to my finger!
- No! Well, actually.
- Ow! No, it's actually, how do you get this off?
- Don't take off your whole thumb.
Oh, gosh, bro.
- It took off part of my thumbnail!
This is horrible!
I think I know what this is.
No, I don't actually.
It's almost like a firecracker.
- Pow!
- Does it work?
- No. Shoot.
Is it a roll of tissue, no, why did that just?
It's like a little torpedo missile.
It's like...
I'm gonna try to, I guess, shave my hands.
I'm so sketched out by this thing.
It's weird!
I just cut myself.
All right, your turn, go for it.
- I don't know if I wanna try it anymore.
Oh god, I can see your little hairs.
(high pitched whimpering) - That noise though.
Did you cut yourself?
- I thought I did.
- I think that Devan and I are not feeling this one.
- We're not fans of anything that involves cutting,
taking out hairs--
- Just hair removal in general.
- No. No. Is not our favorite process
of this entire thing so.
This thing gets a big thumbs down.
- Yeah, big one, a big thumbs down.
- That's a hair thing, that's easy.
- What the heck? - What kinda plug is that?
Try it.
- Nope, doesn't fit.
- Maybe it's a garder.
- We smart!
- It's being plugged in, I want it to spin.
- I know.
- It looks like it would spin, does it spin?
- I want it to spin like a little carnival toy.
- Yeah, so do I.
- Oh, I can feel--
- Yeah, I can feel it heated up.
- It's warmer, yeah, it's definitely warmer.
I want this to rotate.
- I know. This is seriously
disappointing. - I have an idea.
Now it's rotating!
Ooh, it's getting hot, it's getting real hot.
- Oh, wow, it's very hot.
- Yeah, I told you.
That's actually really straightening your hair a lot.
- Oh! I don't want my hair straight.
- Your hair looks amazing, Devan, it worked.
- Thank you.
- Well, I would give that one a--
- Do you wanna try it?
- No!
What is this? - Whoa!
Baby Skin Instant Cheek Flush?
- Huh.
No, I'll apply it to you
and then you apply it to me at the same time.
Here we go. - All right.
- No, too much, too much.
Other side.
These are just eyelashes.
Devan, you about to look fantastic.
- I don't like it.
No, no, it's a little bit in my eye.
- Oh my gosh.
Oh my gosh. - I don't like it.
No, I don't like this.
I don't like it.
I don't like it at all.
- Look at me.
- I don't like it.
- Now it's your turn to do it to me.
- Yes, revenge.
- Don't hurt me, I hate it, I hate it.
Ow, ow, ow.
It hurt.
- Oh my gosh.
You look hilarious.
No, no, no. - You got it wrong?
- I did it wrong. What'd you do?
- It's lopsided. - No!
Here we go, the final product.
Oh, you're kidding me, a face mask.
- Really?
- Yeah, let's do it.
No, no, okay.
- It kinda feels nice.
- Yeah, a little bit. What the heck.
This is actually kind of fun.
- You done, I don't like it, no!
Give this video a thumbs up if you want Devan and I to
do another video where we test out products and also--
- It's starting to burn.
- Oh I know, it's burning.
- It's starting to burn!
- Mine's not burning yet, but yeah.
- Also comment down below.
Which of these products do you use?
Go follow Devan on all of his social media stuff.
- Yeah, follow me but this stuff burns.
- Whoo, it's burning, oh my gosh.
All right, end it quick, I'll make you go back to--
- All right, make me go back.
Love you guys so much. - Make me go back.
- See you guys on Sunday. - It's in my eyes!
- Download the Live.me app. - It's in my eyes!
- It's in your eyes? - It's in my eyes!
- All right, bye!
There he goes and it's burning on my eye!
- Can you do my bra for me?



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