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  • Hi there!

  • Hi!

  • Nice day, huh?

  • Yeah, finally, right?

  • Where you from?

  • Your English is perfect.

  • San Diego. We speak English there.

  • oh uh no

  • where... are you... from???

  • Well I was born in Orange County, but I never actually lived there.

  • I mean, before that.

  • Before I was born?

  • Well, where are your people from?

  • Well, my great grandma was from Seoul.

  • Korean! I knew it!

  • I was like she's either Japanese or Korean.

  • But I was leaning more towards Korean.

  • Amazing.

  • Gahm-sah-hahm-ni-da!

  • There's a really good teryaki bbq place near my apartment.

  • I actually really like kimchi.

  • Cool.

  • What about you? Where are you from?

  • San Francisco

  • But where are you.. f r o m??

  • Oh.. I'm just American.

  • Really. You're native American.

  • No. Uh, just regular American.

  • OH. Uh, well, I guess my grandparents were from England.

  • Oh. Well, then. (English Accent) 'Ello Gov'ner! What's all this then!

  • Top o' the morning to ya!

  • Let's get a spot o' tea!

  • Double, Double, Toil and Trouble!

  • MInd the curb!

  • Beware Jack the Ripper!


  • Pip Pip Cheerio!

  • I think your people's fish and chips are amazing!

  • You're weird.

  • Really? I'm weird?

  • Must be a Korean thing.

  • FIsh and Chips. Pheasant. Clotted Cream.

  • Bangers and Mash!

  • Guinness.

  • Ploughman's Lunch!

  • A spot o' tea!

  • A pint of ALE!

Hi there!


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