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This is the story of two girls who share a flat in London.
They have a visitor from Argentina
who speaks only a little English.
What the girls don't know, but Nick does,
is that Hector is very, very rich.
Does Hector like Bridget? Does Bridget like Hector?
And who does Nick like?
Stand by for Extra.
Age...20. 20?
No. 30, more mature.
- Where's the fire? - It's the smoke detector.
I know that! Where's the broom?
Oh, good, it's stopped.
I think this was the problem.
Anyone for very hard- boiled eggs?
- Nick. - Eh?
- Are they your eggs? - Eh?
I thought so! What on earth are you doing? Are you crazy?
Ah. Are my eggs ready?
Oh... Your eggs, Hector.
Hector's eggs, Bridget.
Is he crazy?
Hector...the eggs are, erm, ruined.
Perhaps some cornflakes instead?
Thank you, Bridget.
Hm. Perhaps some cornflakes instead?
What are you doing on our computer anyway?
Let's just say, girls,
one day you will say,
'Brad Pitt... Urgh! Pah!
'Johnny Depp... Urgh! Pah!
'Nick from next door... Vroom- vroom- vroom!
''The coolest stuntman in the world.''
Oh, you a stuntman!
Yep. I got the job on the Internet.
Well, nearly. I'm waiting for confirmation.
Oh, how exciting!
The coolest stuntman in the world.
On a moped, right?
On a Harley- Davidson, actually.
Films! Those stars! That money!
Oh! Oh!
Have you seen Carina's dress in the magazine? I'd love to have a dress like that.
Mm, me too.
It would really suit me.
- How much is it? - Oh, let's see. Erm...
How much?
Oh, I'm a student. It's too expensive for me.
I've got a job and it's too expensive for me.
We need more money.
Bridget, Annie, I have something to tell you.
Hector, don't. It's a secret.
''The Romero family, one of the richest families in Argentina.''
Keep it a secret. Shh. Eh?
What's a secret?
You have been very kind.
Yes, Hector.
I'm sure Bridget and Annie have a little money.
Shh, Nick.
So I want to...
I want to give you some money.
So, I am going...
to look for a job.
Oh... That's a great idea, Hector.
Yeah, we can look for a job on the Internet, can't we?
- OK, here we are. Job vacancies. - Well, let's see.
Oh. Well, there's a job in a launderette.
And there's a job as a gardener.
My plant!
Erm, here's a job as a cook.
Wait a minute. Look at this.
A waiter!
What a great idea!
Yes! Ooh, I love good- looking waiters!
Did you say good- looking? Here I am.
What about Hector as a waiter?
A waiter?
Yeah. You know.
Oh, but I don't know how.
Oh, don't worry. I will teach you.
How are you?
(Laughs) Oh, thank you, Howard.
Me? Dinner tonight?
Seven o'clock at the Singing Parrot Cafe.
OK, Howard.
Bye, Howard.
That was Howard.
He's invited me to dinner tonight
because he wants to... talk to me about a new job!
Who is Howard?
Bridget's boss.
He is so rich, he's so clever and he wants to see me!
He might offer me a promotion.
What shall I wear?
I have nothing to wear!
No! Wrong!
So last season.
Bet Howard can't ride a motorbike.
I hope he does give Bridget promotion...
Although I have heard Howard has a nickname.
(Bridget) What was I thinking?
The Octopus.
The Octopus?
Oh, The Octopus!
Is he meeting her alone?
No, no!
- Bridget needs help. - We must stop her.
I have an idea.
Why don't you eat here?
Yes, then we can both talk to your boss about your new job.
No. No way.
I could cook for you.
Huh! Definitely not, no.
And I could be your waiter.
I want to be your waiter.
Yeah, OK, then, but be serious.
Don't worry, we will help you get your promotion.
Leave it to us.
I am going...
to look for a job.
My plant!
A waiter?
Yeah. You know.
OK, Hector,
you are the waiter so you must set the table.
Yes, I have set the table
but there is one problem.
A problem?
The table is too small.
- The table is too small? - Yes. Look.
Hector, this is set for 12 courses.
Dinner at home is always like this.
Well, yes! You are a million...
You are a millionaire.
This is just a little dinner for Bridget's boss.
- OK? - OK.
OK. I am the customer.
Where would you like to sit?
Oh, I... Erm...
The bill.
Not yet. The menu first.
Oh, sorry. Erm... The menu.
Forget the menu. What have you got today?
- To eat? - To eat.
Today, as dish of the day,
I have a delicious hot cat.
- A hot cat? - Mm- hm.
That's a hot dog.
Ah! Hot cat, hot dog!
Oh, no!
Oh, how's it going?
Great! Nick is a good teacher.
- Let's see. - Uh- uh. Hector's Cafe is now closed.
I'll get it.
Delivery, Miss Evans and Miss Taylor.
Thank you.
Oh! Bridget, look!
''For lovely Annie from H.''
''For beautiful Bridget from H.''
- Who's H? - Oh, it must be Howard!
Ooh, what is it?
Oh, Bridget!
Look, it's Carina's dress!
But how did he guess?
Oh, he's a clever man!
Anyway, it's not Carina's dress now, it's Bridget's dress!
Oh, thank you, Howard!
Oh, Bridget, isn't your boss kind?
But why did he buy me one?
Oh, I've told him all about you.
Me? Dinner tonight?
He's so clever and he wants to see me!
Oh, thank you, Howard.
- The Octopus! - Ugh!
We will help you get your promotion.
OK, Nick?
Yeah. Hot. The soup, hot.
Uh- uh- uh- uh- uh. The soup is hot.
Thank you, Hector.
He's here.
- Good evening, Howard. - Ah, Bridget, my princess!
Please come in.
Bridget, you look divine.
Oh, this must be Annie. Are you sisters? Such beauty!
The dresses are exquisite.
Thank you.
- Thank you. - Don't thank me. It's a privilege.
Oh, and this, of course, is Nick.
And this is Hector. He's from Argentina.
- Hello. - Argentina?
- Do you have a cow? - Two million.
- What? - My parents own two million cows.
Er, yes, thank you, Hector.
- Hector's English is a little... - Weird.
Never mind, Hector.
- So, Bridget... - Ooh!
What a beautiful apartment for a beautiful lady.
Dinner is served.
Hector, go on.
Today we have sick pea soup.
Mm. Sick pea soup. My favourite!
Chickpea. Chickpea.
Er...chickpea soup.
This guy is great. Where did you find him?
Sick pea soup!
Mind you, it does look like...bleurgh!
Sorry, Nick.
Main course. Teeth casserole.
Teeth casserole?
Beef. Beef.
Sorry. Beef casserole.
I bet the beef is as hard as teeth. A dinner with bite!
Oh! Sorry, Nick.
So, Bridget, you would like a better job?
Well, Howard, I...
Are you willing to work harder, huh?
You stupid idiot!
Sorry, er...
And, Bridget, with your good looks...
What a creep.
Hey! It's cold!
Hector! I want hot coffee.
He wants hot coffee.
Then he will have hot coffee.
So, by the age of 20
I had 50 people working for me.
My father said,
''If you want more money, you must work hard.''
Hey! You have poisoned me!
You fool! You stupid boy!
Don't you dare talk to my friend Hector like that!
Oh, what is he? Is your boyfriend or something?
He is...
a kind and clever and lovely man,
which is something that you will never, ever be.
So you can keep your job, you creep!
- And we'll send you back the dresses. - What dresses?
Oh, these dresses, the ones you bought Annie and me.
I did not buy those dresses.
I would not spend money on you! Ha!
Goodbye, Howard.
You've lost your job.
Well, too late. I quit!
Howard said he did not buy the dresses.
So who did?
If H isn't for Howard...
Then H is for Hector!
You? But why did you buy the dresses?
To say thank you.
But they're so expensive. Where did you get the money?
I...found it.
Well, these expensive dresses must go back to the shop.
Yes, they must.
But not until tomorrow.
That's right! Let's go clubbing!
Come on, Nick, Hector!
See you later, boys!
Hector, you are a true, true friend.
Money is not everything.
So, what did you buy me?
What do you think?
I love you. I love you.
Hm. One moment.
You didn't buy me a bike. You didn't buy me a bike.
You didn't buy me a bike.
Thanks, Hector. It's really, really...
It's OK, Nick.
Hop on. I'll give you a lift.
So do you still want to be a waiter?
No, I want to be like you, Nick. A stuntman!
Next time in Extra...
Nick gets a job on TV
Annie loves watching TV
And why does Hector want to learn to cook?
And why does Hector want to learn to cook?


04 Extra English Hector looks for a job

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