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You should be sitting in the boat well forward like this, and with the tiller extension in
the dagger grip in front of your body. This leaves your other hand to control the mainsheet.
Avoid sitting too far back, it may feel comfortable but you will find it difficult to turn around
and the boat will not sail as effectively in the water.
You should be able to gently push and pull the tiller extension to turn the boat. Keep
these movements small and always return the tiller to the straight position as your default.
Remember that the boat will turn with even the smallest amount of angle on the tiller.
Pushing the tiller towards the boom will turn the nose or bow of the boat towards the wind,
this is called luffing up. And pulling the tiller away from the boom will make the bow
of the boat turn away from the wind, this is called bearing away.
The easiest point to get a feel for steering, starting and stopping is to position your
boat so the wind is blowing across the boat at 90 degrees. This point of sailing is called
a beam reach.


How to Sail - Single Handed First Sail: Part 2 of 7: Where to sit

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