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  • The next point of sailing is called a training run.

  • To arrive here turn the boat about 20 degrees away from the broad reach position and you

  • will be pointing almost directly away from the wind.

  • Release the mainsail so the boom is almost at 90 degrees to the boat, and the centreboard

  • should be about three quarters of the way up.

  • This is the best point of sailing if you want to sail with the wind behind you, as there

  • is less of a risk of the boom accidentally flipping across, which is called gybing. However,

  • if you do need to change direction like this you should watch our video on gybing to see

  • how it’s done.

  • The final point of sailing is a dead run. This is when the boat is pointing directly

  • away from the wind. As you learn, this point of sailing is probably best avoided until

  • your wind awareness has developed. It is very easy for the wind to suddenly catch the wrong

  • side of the sail, which can cause the boom to flick across the boat very fast and capsize

  • you.

  • Turning back towards the wind you can get back to any of the points of sailing by pushing

  • the tiller gently towards the boom, pulling in the sails a little more to stop them flapping,

  • and pushing the centreboard down, until you are on the close hauled point of sailing once

  • more.

The next point of sailing is called a training run.


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帆走の仕方~帆走のポイント~その4~5:ランニング(風を避けて帆走すること (How to sail - Points of Sail - Part 4 of 5: Running (sailing away from the wind))

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