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  • What's the matter now?

  • Glad you asked.

  • I've just come home from a long day of work.

  • I had a crap load of meetings.

  • I had a million emails from my boss.

  • I had a ton of spreadsheets I had to update.

  • Do you know what I didn't have today?

  • What?

  • A single * text from you!

  • I knew you'd be busy.

  • Let me get this straight...

  • At no point today did you feel the need to check up on me

  • or just tell me you love me?

  • Well let me explain

  • what happens inside my head

  • when I don't hear from you all * damn day long!

  • Stage 1 I begin to worry

  • that something happened to you.

  • Stage 2 I begin to think of you home with another woman.

  • Stage 3 I prepare to find you home with said woman.

  • Stage 4 I talk myself off that ledge

  • by eating my weight in peanut M&M's.

  • Stage 5 I feel extreme guilt for eating so much,

  • so I go through an entire self-loathing battle

  • where I finally decide to aim my frustration

  • towards you.

  • Stage 6 I finally decide

  • I'm going to be the bigger person and say nothing

  • and just slam all the doors in the houses

  • so that you finally ask me,

  • "What's wrong?"

  • This is not healthy.

  • You can't be bothered

  • to send a simple text

  • saying, "I love you babe."

  • I don't have to text you all the time

  • to let you know...

  • I'm gonna let you sleep on that.

What's the matter now?


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恋人が一日中メールをしないとき|CoupleThing (When Bae Doesn't Text All Day | CoupleThing)

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