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  • We recently spoke with J. Stanton about what we eat.

  • Now we wanna talk to him about how we eat and how that affects us.

  • So J., we've heard that you should eat a bunch of small meals throughout the day to lose

  • weight, but is there any truth to that?

  • Absolutely not. You don't lose weight by eating. You lose weight by not eating. By analogy

  • you can look at how animals eat. Predators are uniformly lean and muscular. They'll gorge

  • on their kill and then fast for extended periods of time. Sometimes only eating once every

  • day or every few days. On the other extreme, prey animals, like cattle, graze constantly

  • and they get very, very fat doing that. So, by analogy to humans, not that we should eat

  • once every 3 days, but, it is better to eat like a predator, than like prey.

  • So, is it more about how often we eat or how much?

  • In my experience, and i think in most people's experience, it's much easier to limit the

  • number of times you eat than to try to limit the quantity you eat when you do eat.

  • Hmm... Well, I know for me, if i don't eat something every couple hours I tend to get

  • pretty hangry.

  • I used to be the guy you had to feed every three hours or he turned into an ogre. "Oh,

  • gotta feed J. again, he's getting grumpy."

  • So are you saying your body eventually gets used to eating less often? And, if that's

  • the case, what's the biggest difference we'll notice going from grazing like prey to eating

  • like a predator?

  • The most important change is that food doesn't run your life. Once you don't have to keep

  • stuffing yourself with snacks every couple hours, you'll realize how much more time you

  • have to devote to fixing yourself real food.

  • Really interesting stuff here! Again, thanks to J. Stanton for his insight into how and

  • what we eat and be sure to check out his website for more of his thoughts on nutririon.

  • Hey guys, my name is Kirsten with Epipheo. Umm, as always, we asked a fun question, "When

  • you get hungry, how does your personality change?" And here are some good answers we

  • got to that. Umm, we release a video once a week with an epiphany that we hope will

  • impact your life, so to subscribe to that, click the button right above my head. And,

  • uhh, this week concludes our month series about food and next week we are kicking of

  • our series about the holidays. Hope you like it!

We recently spoke with J. Stanton about what we eat.


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どのように食べることができます。プレデターや獲物のように? (How To Eat: Like Predator or Prey?)

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