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  • After three weeks, President Trump finally had his phone call with Chinese President

  • Xi.

  • The report is that Trump will uphold the United Stateslong-standingOne Chinapolicy,

  • in which China proper and the island of Taiwan are one country and that country’s government

  • seat is in Beijing.

  • The effect is that the United States does not have anembassywith Taiwan, but

  • the US has aninstituteand Taiwan aneconomic and culturaloffice; both are

  • still considered envoys and consulates, offering passport and visa services.

  • While self-important voices in news and politics view the phone call as a phone call, much

  • more is happening beneath the surface, and Beijing may only be partially aware of what

  • all is going on.

  • Being a Socialist State, China’s government is itself in business, both cooperative and

  • competitive.

  • China’s Communist Party can directly compete with social companies like Facebook, news

  • networks like CNN, web service companies like Google, almost any manufacturer, and, of course

  • not in the least, construction.

  • China’s former business associate and newboss”, as it were, of America calls all

  • theimportantcountries in the world, except China.

  • The delay itself is a message to China like a father telling the disobedient son to wait

  • his turn while everyone else at the dinner table has first choice.

  • To China’s “indirect-implicationculture, it was no less than a smack in the face, no

  • matter how friendly and reportedly positive the phone call was.

  • No doubt China feels this somewhat, though President Xi probably doesn’t take the snub

  • as seriously as he should.

  • Even allowing State-controlled newspapers, such as Xinhua news, to let three weeks of

  • silence be known merely by reporting the phone call shows that Trump knows how to cut through

  • promulgated gate keeping.

  • Knowing how his old trading partner thinks, Trump knew that Beijing would jump to report

  • the phone call to give President Xi notoriety, forgetting the deeper implication that the

  • phone call didn’t happen for three weeks into Trump’s term.

  • Now, the Chinese people know that Trump didn’t talk to their president until three weeks

  • after taking office, yet he received a phone call from Taipei only days after he was electedBeijing

  • made sure the people knew that.

  • When trying to control information in one’s own country, that was an oversight.

  • If Beijing were wise to the three-week snub, no newspaper in China would be allowed to

  • report the phone call until two months later, with the comment, “Oh, they are presidents.

  • They talk when it suits them.”

  • In social battles of implication and indirection, the Chinese have endurance and mastery, but

  • the West has a less frequent and even more subtle way of implication that often eludes

  • the East.

  • It is difficult to recognize deep implication when implication is used on a daily basis

  • for routine communication.

  • Americans trust Trump with China more, now, knowing that he can snub them for three weeks

  • and State-run Xinhua news will consider it a “good first step”.

  • There are other problemsnot being able to quit while so far ahead and declare victory

  • after 70 years of war on the books, the US selling weapons to Taiwanbut the three

  • week snubtrumpsthem all.

  • American people have often asked themselves who China thinks they are fooling.

  • After this three-week snub thoroughly reported under the title of a “phone call”, the

  • American people, Democrats and Republicans alike, certainly know who is successfully

  • fooling China.

After three weeks, President Trump finally had his phone call with Chinese President


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