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For most of human history, painting was done with a brush, a canvas, and an easel.
But as technology advanced, new opportunities arose for artists to express themselves.
Nowadays, artists around the globe are creating magnificent masterpieces with light.
Light painting is possible via a special camera technique which uses long exposure times to capture the movement of light through the air.
In 1914, Frank and Lillian Gilbreth created what many people consider the first examples of light painting.
They used a slow-shutter camera and some small handheld lights to study the motion and efficiency of factory and office workers.
Although they weren't trying to create art, their pictures would inspire many photographers and painters.
In 1949, famed artist Pablo Picasso tried his hand at light painting after he was introduced to the concept by photographer Gjon Mili.
Picasso used a handheld light to scribble and sketch in the air of a dark room, which was exposed on the film.
In the photographs from these sessions, it's plain to see that Picasso was fascinated with this unusual form of art.
You don't need to be as talented as Picasso to give light painting a shot—with today's technology anyone can do it.
Aspiring light painters only need a digital camera, a tripod, and a flashlight to get started.
Next, choose a dark location; many people prefer to work outdoors at night.
You can add some unusual colors to liven up scenery
or even add some digital graffiti to walls and landmarks without breaking the law.
Whichever method you choose, you're sure to have an illuminating experience when you try light painting.



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