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Some people are so full of life and energy, but for some reason
even when you seem to get more than enough sleep,
you're still fighting off yawns and fatigue through the day.
So, why are you always tired?
If you know the number of the hours of sleep isn't the problem,
The second most common cause of fatigue
comes from lack of physical activity and a poor diet.
Study after study finds that adults
who began light exercise a few times a week reported more energy after six weeks.
People who exercise more regularly also report sleeping better.
Even though studies show that they aren't sleeping any longer.
But if that doesn't help, don't go straight for your cup of joe
While many studies show that coffee is good for your health
research show that your reliance on it can make you more sleepy.
Caffeine blocks adenosine in your brain
which normally accumulates through the day
and makes you sleepy at night.
But consuming coffee or energy drinks less than 6 hours before bed
can ultimately affect your sleep quality.
As a result people who don't use caffeine
often report feeling less tired in the morning.
You might consider making sure you're fully hydrated with some water first too.
One study found that a drop of 1,5% in our bodies normal water levels
can cause difficulty concentrating.
Your blood thickens which slows down nutrients and oxygen
getting to your muscles and organs.
However a 2% drop is enough to make you feel thirsty
so while there's no need to gulping down gallons of water.
Staying hydrated throughout the day will certainly help.
Urine should be pale yellow
Any darker-it's time for some water.
Those glasses of wine or beers before bed
may also be affecting your day.
Studies have found that after becoming intoxicated
while test subjects would fall asleep faster
their quality of sleep was actually much lower,
particularly during the second half of their night sleep.
Ultimately alcohol reduces the amount of REM sleep you get.
And, if you're binge drinking and sleeping in on the weekends
be aware that a consistent sleep schedule is key.
Try waking up close to your normal time on weekends
and having short 20-minute naps in the day.
These will still recharge your body without going into deep sleep
and making you more tired.
You're also more likely to fall asleep at a correct time on Sunday evening
making Monday morning easier.
Of course your mental well-being plays a role too.
Anxiety is a big one.
Worrying what people think, always feeling tense about work
or being overly concerned about every decision
can be physically exhausting.
And fatigue is one of the main symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.
Not only that, but anxiety may be affecting your sleep quality on
another serious end, depression can cause physical, and emotional fatigue
which more sleep won't necessarily relieve.
For some it causes insomnia
or inability to fall asleep in the first place.
Unfortunately there's no quick fix
for the 10% of Americans who do suffer from depression.
So if you think you may be depressed
see your physician or psychologist.
Finally, you might also simply be a night owl.
Around 20% of population have genetics
making them predisposed to staying up late.
But living in our nine-to-five world may make it difficult for you
to get the proper amount of sleep.
In fact, scientists call this phenomenon social jet lag.
Well night owls feel like they're living in the wrong time zone every day.
If nothing seems to help, there may be an underlying medical condition
causing your fatigue which should be talked about with your physician.
Got a burning question you wanna answer?
Ask it in the comments or on Facebook and twitter
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寝不足?いつも疲れている本当の理由は何なのか? (Why Are You Always Tired?)

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1a cup of joe0:33
A cup of joe は、すなわち a cup of coffee という意味です。
いくつか由来があり、そのうちのひとつが、1914年にアメリカ海軍長官のJosephus Daniels が海軍のアルコール飲料持ち込みを禁じ、海軍の兵士たちは代わりの飲み物であるコーヒーを a cup of joeと呼ぶようになったというものです。
また一説によると、joeは java「ジャワコーヒー」とmocha「抹茶」の組み合わせであるとのこと。
最もよく使われている説は,joeは「一般人」のことを指し,a cup of joe とは「一般人向けのコーヒー」というものです。
It is necessary to have a cup of joe on Monday morning.
We have been working for 5 hours! Let’s go get a cup of joe!

a cup of joe 以外に、cup of のフレーズはあるのでしょうか?
someone’s cup of tea、は「好きなモノやコト」。
Thanks for the invatation, but mountain climbing is really not my cup of tea.

そしてin one’s cup、は「酔っている」という意味です。
You were really in your cup when you returned from the party last night!

accumulate には「蓄積、増加」という意味があり,
During her internship, she accumulated a great amout of extensive experience.

James accumulated wealth due to his regular investment.

逆に accumulate 以外に,「增加」や「蓄積」を表す単語はあるのでしょうか?例えばaccrue も「增加、蓄積」という意味を含み、数量が増えたことを指します。
Lily has accrued a month of her sick leave.

他にも、 amass にも「蓄積」 をいう意味があり、特にお金や情報を指すときに使います。
J.K. Rowling has amassed huge fortune from Harry Potter series.

3gulp down1:14
gulp down は「暴飲暴食」を指し、gulpは「飲み込む」という意味の動詞になります。 gulp down 以外にも「暴飲/暴食」を表すフレーズがあるので、一緒に見ていきましょう!

guzzle down は「暴飲、がぶ飲みする」です。
He guzzle down the beer and left the party alone.

そしてto wolf down one's food は「貪り食う」様を表しています。
Don’t wolf down your hamburger so quickly!

また暴飲暴食は一種の摂食障害でもあり、例えば binge eating disorderは過食性障害、 Bulimia nervosa は神経性大食症のことを指します。

Insomniaとは「不眠症」のことで、“somni”には 「睡眠、就寝」という意味があり,“ia”と繋げることで「疾病」,すなわち「睡眠の疾病」となります。一般的によく使われる「睡眠不足」は sleep deprivation です。
The survey reported that one in five people suffer from insomnia.

insomnia (不眠症)以外に,どのような睡眠障害があるのでしょうか?
例えば「居眠り病(ナルコレプシー)」は narcolepsyです。
Since she had narcolepsy, she often fell asleep during class.

これら以外にも、睡眠時無呼吸症候群 sleep apneaもよく見かける睡眠場外の一つで、就寝時に気道が塞がり、正常な睡眠の妨げとなります。
He could not sleep the night through since he suffered from sleep apnea.

5predisposed to2:41
predisposed to somethingの意味は「~しやすい傾向がある」です。
Being chased by a dog when she was six predisposed her to fear of animals.

それ以外にも,predisposed to には「なにかしらの病気にかかりやすい」という意味も含まれおり、例としては:
Scientists pointed out that certain kind of people are genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s disease.


文/ Jenny Hsu
訳/ Luna Lin




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