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Hey guys
So since it is the bounenkai and shinnenkai season in Japan
I thought what better way than to do a video about the Japanese nomikai culture
For those of you who don’t know already I worked in a Japanese company
and I attended many many many of these Japanese nomikais
So since Japanese companies take team work quite seriously
these nomikais are a great way for you and your colleagues to build a relationship
and makes working together much easier
Okay! So my first tip for you guys is be on time
Japanese people are very very punctual people
so if it is a work event you should be at least 5 minutes early
Second tip for you guys is try making your first drink, beer
because Japanese tend to cheers with beer
They even have a saying in Japanese which is “toriaezu biru”, which basically means let’s start off with beer
My third tip is pouring drinks for people
Its Japanese manner and it shows respect when you pour drinks for others
My fourth tip for you guys is when you kanpai with other people
try to make your glass lower than theirs to show respect
My fifth tip is try to talk and socialise with others
Even if you can’t speak much Japanese, just making the effort really does make a difference
and just when you think the nomikai has finished
Japanese have something called the “nijikai” which means the after party
and at these nijikais Karaoke is a very very popular place to go
my last tip for you is try learning a Japanese song that you can sing at Karaoke
The Japanese would be very surprised and very happy to see that you are trying to adapt to their culture
and just remember no matter how crazy and drunk you were the night before
never be late or skip work the next day
the "I got really drunk last night at the nomikai" will not be an acceptable excuse
I hope these tips helped you guys and comment down below if you can relate to some of these
and I will see you in my next video!


Working In Japan: Japanese Nomikai Drinking Culture

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