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Hi, I'm Margot Robbie
and I'm gonna teach you some Aussie slang.
Bludger, okay, a bludger is like, someone who's lazy.
Fair dinkum, kinda like, oh far out.
Good on you.
"Oh, good on you, mate", like that.
So, it was a ripper of a party
or like he's a ripper of a bloke.
Hard yakka?
Hard yakka's like hard work.
I've never used the word doovalacky in my life.
I have no idea what it means.
Oh, so if you can crack on to someone,
you're hitting on them.
If you kiss too much and like your face is all red,
you say you've got pash rash.
What you call a thong, we call that a G-string or G-banger.
But thongs to us are your flipflops.
He's a crook, he's a criminal.
I'm feeling crook, I'm feeling sick.
Chuck a sickie?
If you chuck a sickie, you're like calling in sick.
A bottle-o is a liquor store.
Tinny can either be a boat or a beer can.
Stubby, that's a bottle of beer.
You're frothing for it, you're excited for it.
You froth those, you really like those.
Vomit, spew, throw up.
Barbie, barbecue.
Avo for avocado, arvo for afternoon.
So yeah, like, this arvo, we're gonna go to the bottle-o.
Get a couple of tinnies.
Daks are your pants, like trousers.
And so, if you daks someone,
it's like when you run up behind them
and you pull their pants down.
Whinge, so if you're whinging, you're complaining,
like you're whining.
If you're a dag, yeah,
you're kind of a dork or a goof or whatever.
A bog is a shit or poop,
as you would say in America.
A ute is a pick-up truck.
Jump in the back of the ute!
Togs, your bathing suit.
Put your togs on!
Ratbag, my nephew's a ratbag,
like a cheeky, little so and so,
someone who's kinda like misbehaving.
Fanny? (laughs)
In America,
I think you guys call fanny like your bum is your fanny.
In Australia, your front bum is your fanny,
if you're a girl.
Esky, I think you call it a cooler.
A cuppa, cup of tea.
A dunny is a toilet.
Sitting on the dunny, sitting on the toilet.
Durry, is a cigarette.
You can have a durry, have a darb.
I think everyone knows that one.
A woman, a female.
Snag, is a sausage.
A sook, someone who's having a cry,
like having a sook.
Slab, slab of beers.
I think you'd say carton of beers.
If you're in a room and you say, "It's chockers in here."
It's like you can't move,
"There's so many people, it's chockers in here."
(bleep)wit, yeah, like a (bleep)wit.
Doodle's like,
it's like kinda what you would call a penis if you were young.
A bogan's kinda like white trash.
Mozzie, mosquito.
Dogs eye, I don't know what's dogs eye.
I've never said that.
If you're a tosser,
you're a dickhead, bit of a jerk.
Hooroo, I don't say hooroo.
I feel like that's kinda like an older person thing to say
but hooroo, I think that means like hello and goodbye.
Rackoff, like piss off.
Grommet's a young surfer.
Shithouse, toilet.
Kinda makes sense.
Old fella, I guess fella comes from fellow.
Like so an old man, like, "Some old fella pranged my car. What a wanker", that sort of thing.
Reg grundies, I've never heard that in my life.
I mean if you chopped out this part, and had it,
just as undies, that's what I call underwear.
Spit the dummy, like have a tantrum.
Crazy, totally off your rocker.
Come a guster...?
I don't know what that means.
I think that's enough slang for one day.
Any Aussie's watching,
I'm sorry if I described them incorrectly.
And for anyone not Aussie, I hope you learned something!



マーゴット・ロビー、4分以内に50のオーストラリアのスラング用語を定義する|Vanity Fair

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