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Just the bread, it's so good!
How do they do that?
So for those who don't know, bakery culture is really huge in Taiwan.
And I was fortunate enough to live in the area where a lot of these Taiwanese bakeries found their way to where I live in California.
So I decided to take some of my favorite pastries and to share them with my co-workers.
So the first one that I have is a 藍莓麵包, that basically just means blueberry bun.
It usually has a really delicious cream cheese blueberry filling.
I usually don't get this just because it's so dense,
but I'm really excited to share this with one of my friends.
I can't compare it to anything.
Doesn't this make me feel like a happy Asian baby?
Mmm Hmm.
So this is a 熱狗起司麵包.
It literally just means a hot-dog-cheese bread.
This is good.
Yeah I would definitely have to like work out. If I eat that everyday.
Which I probably wouldn't have the problem with if I could have that,
like I would work out and then I would eat it.
It would defeat the whole purpose of working out, but I would still feel better about my life.
You used to eat this when you were a kid?
Yeah, all the time.
Cool, so when is the next time you're going home?
So this is called a 紅豆麵包, that means red bean bun.
I grew up eating American food like McDonald's,
so the idea of having beans involved in a dessert sweet thing was absolutely revolting to me in the beginning.
But I've really grown to love it.
I'm so concerned whenever I bring people to eat this stuff.
They might think it's gross or the texture is kind of weird?
Red beans has it going on.
Was there ever a point where you first saw it and you were like, hmm I don't know about this...
I don't think so, cuz at least in dim sum it's fried so...you know, we're American and anything that's fried, like it's going down.
Okay, last but certainly not least, a 菠蘿包.
Kind of translates into a pineapple bun but they kind of call it that simply because the diamonds and the ridges on here actually looks like a pineapple.
Hmmm, that was good.
This actually tastes a lot like a sticky bun you get in England but like, they usually have icing on top.
I'm not sure it's between like sweet bread and like a croissant almost?
That's kind of how I tried to explain it to people sometimes like I called it a danish almost.
I'm glad you like it.
Thank you for showing me it.
Thanks, Stasia.
Well, thank you.
I'm glad you shared this with me.
Let's just get this out there, Asian bakeries are the best bakeries.
- Yes they are! - Right?
Interns, you want a bite?
You're a different man, aren't you?



People Try Taiwanese Pastries

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Sabrina Hsu 2017 年 5 月 6 日 に公開
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