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I know this happens to us all the time
whenever we travel to a foreign country
but it's good that you don't make these
9 crucial mistakes
when you visit Taiwan
whether it's for the 1st time
or for the 100th time
First of all
It's never safe to assume
people around you
don't speak your language
especially English
when in Taiwan
you might think people don't understand
what you are saying
and you might say something offensive
and that is true to
whichever country you visit
and this one is rather forgivable
when it comes to the tourists in Taipei
who is anyone
takes the metro regularly
knows that
you need to line up to get onto the train
and when we see people
who don't line up
I guess
automatically assume that they are
oblivious tourists
and did you know that
drinking or eating
on the subway in Taipei
is actually against the rules
and this one is simply
a life or death measure
because you should never assume
a vehicle will yield to you
in the streets of Taipei
especially when you jaywalk
or even when you are in the crosswalk
and I know this one sounds
incredibly inconvenient
but you should always
carry cash with you
when you're traveling around Taiwan
the convenient stores
the 7-11
even the McDonald's
don't take credit cards
and this is sort of
not a mistake
but more of a presumption
you should never presume that
everybody in Taiwan
is Taiwanese
and that makes sense
because there are a bunch of other tourists
Japanese, Korean
Singaporean Indonesian
just to name a few
and of course, the overgeneralization
I mean
it's very easy
to assume or call
an east Asian looking person
people can get quite offensive
when you call them Chinese
because we like to be politically correct
when it comes to nationality
and it goes without saying
when you are in a foreign country
it's always advised
to try the local foods
even if it's something bizarre
but honestly in Taiwan
I guess the most bizarre it gets
is probably bubble tea
which is milktea with tapioca balls
but obviously
when you purposely ignore
the sticky tofu
or the pig blood rice cake
and many might argue
it's not about trying new foods
but rather it's about
the uniqueness of the country
and that's completely true
so if you
happen to not like
Asian food
there's always pasta
always European western food
and even halal
definitely don't presume that there's
no pasta in Taiwan
Last but not least
get out of the urban landscape in downtown Taipei
because there's a lot more natural sceneries
that Taiwan has to offer
from the southern Kenting
the national parks
to the eastern Huailai
and even to Penghu and
green island
the islands off
mainland Taiwan
definitely check those out
because I've never been
and I heard they are amazing
and that's pretty much all the mistakes
I could conjure up at the moment
so if you think of anything else
anything else
comment down below
and help those who are visiting Taiwan


9 Things NOT TO DO Traveling Taiwan 來台灣旅行常見9個錯誤

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