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  • Hey there spy there!

  • This is your boy Mikey Bustos.

  • This video is an in depth tutorial of the Filipino accent.

  • The first thing to know is there are no "F" sounds.

  • Follow.

  • Flip.

  • Fact.

  • Filipino.

  • Philippines.

  • Family.

  • Snow flake.

  • No "V" sounds.

  • Victory.

  • Van.

  • Vevo.

  • Living la vida loca.

  • Golden retriever.

  • Blog and vlog sound the same.

  • The lack of "V" probably comes from the Spanish influence when the Spaniards invaded Philippines in the 1500s.

  • That is why many of us Filipinos have Spanish last names.

  • Like Bustos.

  • My full name is Michael John Yadan Tumangui Pestano Bustos.

  • Try saying that five times.

  • Also worth noting, there's no "TH".

  • It's either "D" sound,

  • like that, this, there, them, breathe.

  • Or "Di" sound,

  • like thick, teeth, beneath, thistle, breath.

  • Also, another thing to note, is that the Filipino language lacks the "he" "she" distinct pronouns.

  • It's only one in Filipino "siya".

  • That is why many Filipinos sometimes get "he" and "she" mixed up.

  • Little bit confused.

  • I like Ricky Martin.

  • Her music is very good.

  • Also, because Philippines is a third world, social class even determines the way you speak English.

  • The social likes to say words like

  • promise, forever, correct, true, Kadiri to death!

  • When I go to Philippines, I love watching TV and all the funny advertisements.

  • Kuya, germs!

  • Hindi ah!

  • Nako! Dandruff!

  • Use Head and Shoulders.

  • Kaya head and scalp - healthy!

  • 70 pesos

  • People ask me why I am able to speak like this.

  • And I tell them, even though I was born in Canada, I used to speak like this when I was very small.

  • I learned English from my parents.

  • But in great form, I learned to speak with a proper accent so that I could fit in, and the kids wouldn't make fun of me.

  • But, I never lost it!

  • Anyway, there are 171 native languages in Philippines. Isn't that incredible?

  • 171 different dialects.

  • Anyway, I am very proud to be Filipino. Also known as Pinoy.

  • Because we are a very loving people.

  • So the next time you cannot make out the accent of your Filipino neighbor, - cause you know we're everywhere -

  • just refer to this video tutorial.

  • Mabuhay!

  • See you later, heavy weighter!

  • and Pacquiao 4 life!

Hey there spy there!


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フィリピンのアクセントのチュートリアル by Mikey Bustos (Filipino Accent Tutorial by Mikey Bustos)

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