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  • For the explosion and popularity of the raw foods diet, you may be wondering should I

  • cook my vegetables or should I eat them all raw? Well, it depends. Cooking does destroy

  • a few vitamins in your fruits and vegetables; mainly it destroys vitamin C. So when you're

  • consuming your fruits and vegetables you're wanna have a mix of raw and cooked because

  • there is also other attributes to fruits that are enhanced and made more available to us

  • by cooking. For instance like ethylene, that gorgeous red chemical that makes tomatoes

  • so beautiful, is best accessed when our tomatoes are cooked so like ethylene are very powerful

  • cancer food but you can't get the true benefits out of the tomatoes unless they are cooked

  • and broken down sightly. Dehydrated fruits and vegetables are not quite as fresh and

  • they're not quite as vibrant as fresh fruits and veggies. Now we haven't destroyed all

  • the vitamins because they've dehydrated, not cooked above 118 degrees. But they might be

  • on a shelf longer, they've been sitting in a dehydrator for a couple of days, you're

  • truly gonna get more benefit out of the fresh, uncooked, un-dehydrated fruits and veggies.

  • So here's my recommendation -- eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, eat a variety of

  • raw and cooked fruits and vegetables and make sure that they're the best quality you can

  • get. It does matter if they're organic, if they're fresh, if they're local. So you can

  • include some frozen fruits and vegetables but make sure they're mostly fresh.

For the explosion and popularity of the raw foods diet, you may be wondering should I


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調理野菜はビタミンを殺すか?| 健康食品 (Does Cooking Vegetables Kill Vitamins? | Healthy Food)

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