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  • Welcome to the Kobe Show: Take 2.

  • With the 13th pick in the 1996 NBA Draft

  • The Charlotte Hornets select Kobe Bryant from Lower Merion High School in Pennsylvania

  • Reporter: I'm here with Kobe. What's this moment represent to you playing in the All Star game at 19 years of age?

  • Kobe: It means the world to me. This my first all star game playing in New York City with all these great basketball players

  • It's an incredible feeling. I'm glad its finally arrived.

  • PA Announcer: Youngest starter in NBA All Star Game History, at Guard from the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant!

  • Commentator: Bryant with the save!

  • Final seconds... Bryant for the win!

  • BANG!

  • PA Announcer: And an 18x Western Conference All Star, A 4x All Star Game MVP, the League's MVP in 2008

  • ... a 2x Finals MVP, and a 5x NBA Champion, with the Los Angeles Lakers...


  • Commentator: Kobe now just a single point behind MJ

  • Their tied.

  • Welcome to the Kobe Show: Take 2.

Welcome to the Kobe Show: Take 2.


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コービー・ブライアントさらばマンバ、引退後のスペシャルミックス (Kobe Bryant: Farewell Mamba, a Special Retirement Mix!)

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