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  • Hi, I'm David Shaw, in this episode of AI News,

  • you will learn how to install and build

  • in MXNet with Intel MKL.

  • You will get new insights about bigDL

  • and learn how to get started with the machine learning

  • scaling library.

  • See the links below to learn more.

  • MXNet can be installed and used with the combination

  • of development tools and libraries

  • on different platforms.

  • This tutorial provides steps to build and install and MXNet

  • with Intel MKL 2017 on CentOS and Ubuntu based systems.

  • The article also provides information

  • about the basic requirements needed for running MXNet,

  • using it with GPUs and support for computer vision and image

  • augmentation.

  • BigDL is a distributed deep learning library

  • for Apache Spark that allows you to write your own deep learning

  • applications as standard Spark programs.

  • These can run directly on top of existing Spark or Hadoop

  • clusters.

  • Check out this article to gain new insights

  • on why you'll benefit from using bigDL to write

  • your deep learning programs.

  • Also, take a look at our bigDL video

  • to learn more about how it works.

  • Download bigDL from GitHub, which you can find in the links

  • below.

  • Next, get started with Intel machine

  • learning scaling library.

  • Find out more from this article.

  • It walks you through the install and even

  • how to build and launch a sample application supplied

  • with Intel MLSL.

  • Effective computing is the human side of AI.

  • It is crucial for AI to succeed and will impact many fields.

  • Watch the series of videos from Intel Labs researcher,

  • Daria Loi to learn more about effective computing

  • and how it could be used to develop technologies

  • to better our lives.

  • Come together with thousands of data

  • scientists, developers, engineers, business people,

  • strategists, architects and analysts at Strata and Hadoop

  • World, coming March 13th through the 16th at the San Jose

  • Convention Center.

  • This is a four day immersive experience in the challenges

  • and opportunities in data.

  • The conference features speakers from Pinterest, Niantic,

  • Databricks, LinkedIn and more.

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Hi, I'm David Shaw, in this episode of AI News,


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