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- This was all fine the other day.
It just dumped snow.
(soft music)
I'm just really excited.
Some of you may have seen a video I uploaded a few weeks ago
where I surprised my wife Nelly, with a digital piano.
It's actually right here, bink.
It was for Christmas,
so I had this entire wall over here,
wrapped up in wrapping paper.
Before Christmas day,
I saw that she'd grabbed the camera and recorded
and she guessed what the gift was.
- A keyboard, or a piano?
- So I took the gift out, replaced it with something else.
Anyway, you can see the video here.
As she was guessing what it was in person with me,
she's like, is it a puppy?
I know she was joking, but she has always wanted a dog.
We're not able to have a pet in this home,
however, we're actually replacing this carpet here,
with hardwood floor soon.
So I got permission from the landlord,
to fill our home with puppies
before we put in the new floor.
Nelly's gonna freak.
She's at work right now.
I left an SD card in her car,
I'm gonna try to convince her to bring it home for me
'cause I need to upload another video.
When she gets here,
it's gonna be full.
Update, puppies are here,
and now I'm gonna call Nelly
and get her to come home from work.
She's working, like, 10 minutes away,
so that's good.
I'm gonna do it outside so she doesn't hear the puppies
'cause that would be bad.
This is the only time it's okay to lie to your wife, right?
I hope she falls for this.
- [Nelly] Hey.
- Hey sorry, can you go to the car?
I think I left an SD card in there.
- [Nelly] Okay, let me go check.
Do you know where you put it?
- So I took the camera, and as of, I didn't,
so I took two cards in case I needed to film more stuff.
And I probably put it in the middle console.
That's what I remember last.
- [Nelly] Let me go check.
- 'Kay, how's work?
- [Nelly] Fine.
(Nelly mumbles)
- Put it on mute.
Can you hear me?
Okay, it's on mute.
So, Nelly,
it might be hard to get her to leave work
even if I say it's to upload for a vlog,
could be really hard
'cause she's usually pretty dedicated to working.
- [Nelly] Console, SD card. - Gonna unmute it.
- [Nelly] Oh yes, you did leave it here.
- Is it the one that has a 32 on it?
- [Nelly] It's blue, yeah it has 32 on it.
- Ah crap.
- [Nelly] You need it?
- I do, it's got a segment I need to throw in there
for today's vlog.
Could you just,
could you just, like, I really need to get it up.
Spencer's working with me too.
Could you just,
- [Nelly] You want me to come home?
- Yeah, could you just, really quick?
- [Nelly] I gotta drop off a SD card, so I'll be back.
Oh okay, see you tomorrow.
Trying to (mumbles) was awkward.
- Oh, whoops.
- [Nelly] Okay, I'll see you in like 10 minutes.
- Okay. - Could you like, run out
so I can hurry back?
- Uh, yeah, I'm just trying to get the tags,
I'm just trying to get the tags and stuff.
Could you just run it down?
I'm sorry.
- [Nelly] (sighs) Okay, bye.
- 'Kay, bye.
That worked out smoothly, okay.
So Molly already knows.
I told Molly, we worked that out.
She helped me come up with the idea
to get Nelly to leave work
and then Nelly's gonna go back to work
but she won't wanna go back
because of all the puppies.
(soft jazzy music)
She was like, okay,
but can you just run out and get the card from me?
I was like well, I'm researching something on the computer.
- [Man] We need you to come in.
- I need you to come inside.
She's like my husband is a lazy butt.
So I placed that SD card in our car last night,
by Nelly's boss's idea.
I called her and we brainstormed ideas
to get her to come home.
(dog whimpering)
Is this nice of me, or rude?
Because she's gonna be with the puppies for like, 30 minutes
and then they'll have to go
so I don't know if that's making the desire greater
or if it's satisfying her puppy craving.
Real quick, in case you're wondering
where all these puppies came from.
They're from PuppiesForRent.
They take in forfeitures and abandoned puppies from homes
that don't have a home or a family anymore
and they actually provide the opportunity
for people to have these puppies for a little bit
then decide, yeah, we want to take care of these puppies.
I'm nervous as I'm telling you this,
that Nelly's just gonna walk in.
(soft jazzy music)
- No, he sent me the articles,
that said the prices are being raised up.
Our tory's willing to pay back the price for,
so I have (mumbles)
- [Bryce] Oh, here she, right now, right now.
- Oh my gosh.
(acoustic music)
Mom, I gotta call you back.
Puppies, come back in.
Look, sorry, Mom I gotta call you back.
Oh my God, this is the best thing of my life.
Oh, Mom, I gotta call you back, bye.
Holy crap!
Come in here.
Oh my gosh, I'm not going back to work.
Oh my gosh.
What is this?
Oh hi.
Look at all of you.
Oh my gosh, I'm going to cry.
Oh hi, hi.
Hi, how are you!
- I'm good, how are you? - I haven't seen you,
oh, good.
You don't need your SD card!
Do you?
- [Bryce] No.
- Oh my gosh, all the puppies crawl on me.
Oh my gosh, this is the best.
I like, lost my, let it go,
holy crap.
Look at you.
Hi puppy.
Oh my gosh, I can't like,
my mind is so like, which puppy.
Oh that's true.
Oh my goodness.
Oh my goodness, this mushy face.
This is the best!
This is my birthday.
Look at that one!
Oh my gosh.
Love him.
Oh my gosh, I can't handle this.
He's so fluffy.
(soft music)
Like, they can't leave today without us adopting one.
This is crazy.
You're sneaky.
Oh gosh.
So many puppies.
Oh, look at this poor dog.
It's okay.
Now this dog loves to play with everyone.
I think I would just like, at night, just sleep in the room
and then fall spree and just pet them all.
Oh, you made it good job, good job.
We're adopting this one.
You wanna play?
- I think she's happy about it.
- Look at this puppy, look at it.
Oh hi.
- So you remember, guys, this was a wrapped gift.
She guessed a puppy.
There it is.
Nells doesn't realize puppies don't stay puppies.
This guy's gonna change.
He's gonna get bigger.
He is a lot of fun.
Here is the SD card I had Nelly bring.
It's actually 32 megabytes. - You're the worst.
- It's really old.
Ah, I'm attacked, I'm attacked.
(soft music)
- Oh, all the puppies, oh my god.
Oh my gosh.
- I'll save you.
- Yeah, you'll have a hug.
Come on, why are you playing up for a second.
Hello, all of you.
You're my best friends.
- Unfortunately, Nelly has to go back to work.
- This was the best day of my life.
And I have the best husband in the whole world.
And the best and cutest puppies.
- This guy's got my back here.
Any of these puppies, they're adorable.
They are, right now, so if you want to adopt any,
- Any of them.
You can adopt any of them.
And if you guys think we should adopt one,
which one should we adopt?
All of them?
I don't know, maybe.
- If this gets, what, 10,000 likes,
then are we adopting a puppy?
- Yes.
Look, this puppy is so chill.
- Yeah he is.
- Oh hi, you all.
Hi lovies, hi loves,
oh yes, love all of you,
you're all my besties.
No seriously, can you look at this puppy for a second?
Look at him. - Look at this guy.


Husband Surprises Wife by Filling House With Puppies!

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