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  • Hi, I'm David Shaw.

  • Today on AI News we're going to take

  • a look at autonomous driving.

  • Intel is a huge player in this quickly developing space,

  • and you'll want to stay in the know to keep up.

  • Follow the links below to learn more

  • about the information we talk about in this episode.

  • First, you'll want to sign up for the Intel Go Automotive

  • SDK.

  • This kit will not only combine existing tools in one place,

  • but it will deepen the toolbox with the latest in automated

  • driving technology.

  • Included in the first release is a new Intel Computer Vision

  • SDK, an integrated Intel Deep Learning SDK, a sensor data

  • labeling tool, optimization libraries compilers,

  • performance and power analyzers, and debuggers.

  • Sign up to be notified when the Intel Go Automotive

  • SDK is ready for preview.

  • After you've signed up, check out

  • this article on how to get started with developing

  • for automated driving.

  • The article will connect you with useful tools

  • and resources, for both vehicle and data centers,

  • to create your own automated driving experience.

  • In addition, with more autonomous vehicles

  • expected to hit the road in the future,

  • smart communications systems will heavily

  • rely on a network that is speedy and strong.

  • Read up on the power of 5G, and how it

  • will interplay with communications

  • in autonomous driving.

  • Intel's quickly increasing its capabilities

  • in automated driving tools.

  • During CES this year, we announced plans

  • to purchase a percentage of ownership in Here,

  • a global provider of digital maps

  • and location based services.

  • Intel in Here will collaborate on the research and development

  • of a proof of concept architecture

  • that supports real time updates for automated driving.

  • Thank you for watching this month's episode of AI news.

  • Make sure to like this video, and subscribe to the Intel

  • Software YouTube channel, and find us

  • on Facebook to stay up to date.

Hi, I'm David Shaw.


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