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  • Today, I want to talk to you about dreams.

    (翻訳: Masako Kigami 校正: Tomoyuki Suzuki)今日は夢についてお話したいと思います

  • I have been a lucid dreamer my whole life,

    私は明晰夢を見ます そして自分の人生を

  • and it's cooler than in the movies.


  • (Laughter)


  • Beyond flying, breathing fire,

    空を駆け巡り 火を噴き

  • and making hot men spontaneously appear ...


  • (Laughter)


  • I can do things like read and write music.

    楽譜を読んだり 書いたりできる

  • Fun fact is that I wrote my personal statement to college

    面白かったのは 大学に提出する身上書を

  • in a dream.


  • And I did accepted. So, yeah.


  • I am a very visual thinker.


  • I think in pictures, not words.

    言葉ではなく 絵で考えます

  • To me, words are more like instincts and language.

    私にとって言葉とは 直感や言語のようなものです

  • There are many people like me;


  • Nikola Tesla, for example,


  • who could visualize, design, test, and troubleshoot everything --

    彼は何でも視覚化し 設計、テスト、修理することができました

  • all of his inventions -- in his mind, accurately.

    すべての発明が正確に 頭の中で行われたのです

  • Language is kind of exclusive to our species, anyway.

    とにかく 私たちのようなタイプは言語から締め出されています

  • I am a bit more primitive,


  • like a beta version of Google Translate.


  • (Laughter)


  • My brain has the ability to hyper-focus on things that interest me.

    私には興味があることを とことん突き詰める能力があります

  • For example, once I had an affair with calculus

    例えば 私が微積分学にはまると

  • that lasted longer than some celebrity marriages.

    その興味は 有名人の結婚生活よりも長く続くのです

  • (Laughter)


  • There are some other unusual things about me.

    他にも私には 普通と違うところがあります

  • You may have noticed that I don't have much inflection


  • in my voice.


  • That's why people often confuse me with a GPS.


  • (Laughter)


  • This can make basic communication a challenge, unless you need directions.

    行き先なら答えられますが 普通の会話は苦手です

  • (Laughter)


  • Thank you.


  • (Applause)


  • A few years ago, when I started doing presentations,

    数年前 私がプレゼンを始めたとき

  • I went to get head shots done for the first time.


  • The photographer told me to look flirty.

    写真屋さんが 「思わせぶりに」と言うのです

  • (Laughter)


  • And I had no idea what she was talking about.

    何を言っているのか 分からなかったら

  • (Laughter)


  • She said, "Do that thing, you know, with your eyes,


  • when you're flirting with guys."


  • "What thing?" I asked.


  • "You know, squint."


  • And so I tried, really.


  • It looked something like this.


  • (Laughter)


  • I looked like I was searching for Waldo.

    私はウォーリーを 探しているように見えました

  • (Laughter)


  • There's a reason for this,


  • as there is a reason that Waldo is hiding.


  • (Laughter)


  • I have Asperger's,


  • a high-functioning form of autism


  • that impairs the basic social skills one is expected to display.

    身に着けて当然とされる 基本的社会能力に問題があります

  • It's made life difficult in many ways,

    そのため様々な意味で 世渡りが難しく

  • and growing up, I struggled to fit in socially.

    大きくなるにつれて 社会的適合に苦労しました

  • My friends would tell jokes, but I didn't understand them.

    友達が冗談を言っても 私は理解できませんでした

  • My personal heroes were George Carlin and Stephen Colbert --

    私の個人的なヒーローは ジョージ・カーリンやスティーヴン・コルベアで

  • and they taught me humor.


  • My personality switched from being shy and awkward

    そして シャイでオドオドした性格から

  • to being defiant and cursing out a storm.


  • Needless to say, I did not have many friends.

    もちろん 私は友達も多くなく

  • I was also hypersensitive to texture.


  • The feel of water on my skin was like pins and needles,

    肌に水が触れると チクチクするような感じだったので

  • and so for years, I refused to shower.

    何年間も シャワーを使いませんでした

  • I can assure you that my hygiene routine is up to standards now, though.

    でもご安心ください 今は普通に清潔です

  • (Laughter)


  • I had to do a lot to get here, and my parents --

    ここに至るまで色々ありました 両親は―

  • things kind of got out of control when I was sexually assaulted by a peer,

    同級生にレイプされるたときには 自分ではどうしようもなくなり

  • and on top of everything, it made a difficult situation worse.

    難しい状況が さらに悪化していったのです

  • And I had to travel 2,000 miles across the country to get treatment,

    治療のために 2,000キロほども国内を渡り歩きました

  • but within days of them prescribing a new medication,


  • my life turned into an episode of the Walking Dead.

    私の人生は『ウォーキング・デッド』 そのものでした

  • I became paranoid, and began to hallucinate

    被害妄想から 腐った死体が自分の方に

  • that rotting corpses were coming towards me.

    向かってくるという 幻覚を見るようになりました

  • My family finally rescued me,

    家族がようやく 私を救い出してくれたときには

  • but by that time, I had lost 19 pounds in those three weeks,


  • as well as developing severe anemia,


  • and was on the verge of suicide.


  • I transferred to a new treatment center that understood my aversions,

    私の嫌悪感、トラウマ、社会不安を 理解してくれる

  • my trauma, and my social anxiety,

    新しい治療センターに移りました そこでは治療方法が確立されており

  • and they knew how to treat it, and I got the help I finally needed.

    私はようやく 必要な支援が受けられました

  • And after 18 months of hard work,


  • I went on to do incredible things.

    私は信じられないようなことを 始めました

  • One of the things with Asperger's is that oftentimes,

    アスペルガー症候群の特徴の1つとして しばしば

  • these people have a very complex inner life,

    とても複雑な精神生活が あげられます

  • and I know for myself, I have a very colorful personality,

    私自身 とても個性豊かで

  • rich ideas, and just a lot going on in my mind.

    アイデアに溢れ 様々なことを考えています

  • But there's a gap between where that stands,

    でも私のそういう部分と 他の人々との

  • and how I communicate it with the rest of the world.

    コミュニケーションの仕方には ギャップがあり

  • And this can make basic communication a challenge.

    基本的な会話をするのを 難しくしているのです

  • Not many places would hire me, due to my lack of social skills,

    社会的な対応能力がなく 雇ってくれる職場も少ないので

  • which is why I applied to Waffle House.

    ワッフル・ハウスに 応募してみました

  • (Laughter)


  • Waffle House is an exceptional 24-hour diner --

    ワッフル・ハウスは素晴らしい 24時間営業レストランです

  • (Laughter)


  • (Applause)


  • thank you --


  • where you can order your hash browns


  • the many ways that someone would dispose of a human corpse ...

    人間の死体を処分するにも 様々な方法があるものですね

  • (Laughter)


  • Sliced, diced, peppered, chunked, topped, capped, and covered.

    スライス、賽の目切り、ブツ切り 胡椒を振りかけ覆うのです

  • (Laughter)


  • As social norms would have it,


  • you should only go to Waffle House at an ungodly hour in the night.

    とんでもない深夜遅くに ワッフル・ハウスに行くのがいいです

  • (Laughter)


  • So one time, at 2 am, I was chatting with a waitress, and I asked her,

    深夜2時に私はウエートレスと おしゃべりをした時

  • "What's the most ridiculous thing that's happened to you on the job?"

    「仕事で経験した一番馬鹿げたことは?」 と聞くと

  • And she told me that one time, a man walked in completely naked.

    「素っ裸の男が入ってきたこと」 と答えたので

  • (Laughter)


  • I said, "Great! Sign me up for the graveyard shift!"

    「いいな!夜勤で使ってよ」 と私は言いました

  • (Laughter)


  • Needless to say, Waffle House did not hire me.

    もちろんワッフル・ハウスでは 雇われませんでした

  • So in terms of having Asperger's, it can be viewed as a disadvantage,

    アスペルガー症候群があると デメリットとして見られます

  • and sometimes it is a real pain in the butt,

    時々本当に イライラすることもありますが

  • but it's also the opposite.


  • It's a gift, and it allows me to think innovatively.

    特別な才能で 革新的な考え方ができるのです

  • At 19, I won a research competition for my research on coral reefs,

    19歳の時 サンゴについて研究し 研究コンペで優勝し

  • and I ended up speaking


  • at the UN Convention of Biological Diversity,

    生物の多様性に関する 国連決議の場において

  • presenting this research.


  • (Applause)


  • Thank you.


  • (Applause)


  • And at 22, I'm getting ready to graduate college,

    現在22歳で 大学卒業見込みであり

  • and I am a co-founder of a biotech company called AutismSees.

    AutismSeesという バイオテック企業の共同創設者です

  • (Applause)


  • Thank you.


  • (Applause)


  • But consider what I had to do to get here:

    でも ここに至るまでの経緯を 考えてみてください

  • 25 therapists, 11 misdiagnoses, and years of pain and trauma.

    セラピスト25人 誤診11件 長年に渡る苦痛とトラウマ

  • I spent a lot of time thinking if there's a better way,

    私はより良い道がないか ずっと考え

  • and I think there is: autism-assistive technology.

    「自閉症を支援する技術」に 辿り着きました

  • This technology could play an integral role


  • in helping people with autistic spectrum disorder,

    自閉症スペクトラム障害 略してASDの患者を

  • or ASD.


  • The app Podium, released by my company, AutismSees,

    私の会社のAutismSeesは Podiumというアプリを公開しました

  • has the ability to independently assess and help develop communication skills.

    自己診断や コミュニケーション能力の向上を 支援するアプリです

  • In addition to this, it tracks eye contact through camera

    それに加え カメラで視線を追跡できるので

  • and simulates a public-speaking and job-interview experience.

    人前で話したり 仕事での面接の手助けになります

  • And so maybe one day, Waffle House will hire me,

    いつの日か もっと練習すれば

  • after practicing on it some more.

    ワッフル・ハウスで雇ってもらえる かもしれません

  • (Laughter)


  • And one of the great things is that I've used Podium


  • to help me prepare for today, and it's been a great help.

    今日のプレゼンの準備の 一助となったことですが

  • But it's more than that.


  • There's more that can be done.


  • For people with ASD --


  • it has been speculated that many innovative scientists,


  • researchers, artists, and engineers have it;


  • like, for example, Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen, Isaac Newton, and Bill Gates

    例えば エミリー・ディキンソン ジェーン・オースティンやアイザック・ニュートン

  • are some examples.


  • But the problem that's encountered


  • is that these brilliant ideas often can't be shared


  • if there are communication roadblocks.


  • And so, many people with autism are being overlooked every day,

    周りの人が アスペルガー症候群の人達の 良い点に気がず

  • and they're being taken advantage of.


  • So my dream for people with autism is to change that,


  • to remove the roadblocks that prevent them from succeeding.


  • One of the reasons I love lucid dreaming


  • is because it allows me to be free,

    社会的な評判や 身体的な結果を

  • without judgment of social and physical consequences.


  • When I'm flying over scenes that I create in my mind,


  • I am at peace.


  • I am free from judgment,

    誰からも とやかく言われることなく

  • and so I can do whatever I want, you know?

    私がなりたいものに なれるのです

  • I'm making out with Brad Pitt, and Angelina is totally cool with it.

    ブラッド・ビットといちゃついても アンジェリーナは気にしません

  • (Laughter)


  • But the goal of autism-assistive technology is bigger than that,

    しかし自閉症支援技術の目標は それよりも大きく

  • and more important.


  • My goal is to shift people's perspective

    私の目標は 自閉症やアスペリガー症候群に対する

  • of autism and people with higher-functioning Asperger's


  • because there is a lot they can do.


  • I mean, look at Temple Grandin, for example.


  • And by doing so, we allow people to share their talents with this world

    そうすることで 才能を共有でき

  • and move this world forward.


  • In addition, we give them the courage to pursue their dreams

    そうすることで 彼らに現実の世界で リアルタイムに

  • in the real world, in real time.


  • Thank you.


  • (Applause)


  • Thank you.


  • (Applause)


Today, I want to talk to you about dreams.

(翻訳: Masako Kigami 校正: Tomoyuki Suzuki)今日は夢についてお話したいと思います


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