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  • Try to keep up, Howard!

  • I'm killing it!

  • Yeah, I wish we looked as cool dancing in clubs

  • as we do right now.

  • Don't worry, this is exactly how you look

  • when you're dancing in clubs.

  • You're welcome, ladies.

  • Paradigm-shifting news, gentlemen!

  • Dude!

  • I was about to Bollywood this bitch.

  • Earlier today, I invited

  • Professor Stephen Hawking to join me

  • in the popular online game Words with Friends.

  • Moments ago, he accepted my request.

  • Do you understand what that means?

  • That somewhere right now Stephen Hawking is saying,

  • "Damn it.

  • I meant to click no."

  • I'll walk you through it.

  • The game is not called Words with Strangers.

  • No, it's not even called

  • Words with Acquaintances.

  • It is called

  • Words with...

  • I'm not finishing your sentence.

  • You pulled the plug on my funk.

  • Friends!

  • It's Words with Friends!

  • Which Stephen Hawking and I

  • officially are.

  • Now all I need is a bunk bed with a slide;

  • I'll have everything I've ever wanted

  • since I was six years old.

  • That's really nice, Sheldon.

  • I'm happy for you.

  • And I'm happy for you, too.

  • You are now friends with someone

  • who is officially friends with Stephen Hawking.

  • Enjoy it, boys.

  • You may have peaked.

  • Sheldon, I know Stephen Hawking.

  • I worked with him.

  • And if they ever come out with a game called

  • Words with People You Once Worked with,

  • you'll be off to the races.

  • Sheldon, I don't think this actually means...

  • Hold that thought!

  • Professor Hawking has made a move.

  • Boy, oh, boy.

  • Oh, it's only a matter of time

  • before we're coming up with fun nicknames for each other.

  • I'll be Coop.

  • He'll be Wheels.

  • If he's okay with that.

  • All right.

  • Crank up the AC, boy!

  • It's gonna get hot in here!

Try to keep up, Howard!


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